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10 remote design teams you'll want to join

Zander Whitehurst
Founder and CEO, Memorisely
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Remote is the new norm

These are strange times for us. The world has suddenly gone remote. If you haven't worked remotely before, then you will now understand how easy it is to do. If you don't want to go back to the constraints of an office, then below is a list of companies who excel in the world of remote working.

© hotjar.com


From day one, Hotjar embraced a remote and flexible working environment. They are completely transparent in the way they work and expect their staff to fit within these very flexible rules. Remote working for them means they can save money on office equipment and invest this in their staff. This includes home office budgets, learning budgets as well as quarterly meetups.

They are also very transparent in the way they work with publishing everything about their marketing site. Oh, and I can vouch for how awesome the team is having worked for them!

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© Toggl.com


Toggl is a cool little tool that allows companies that rely on time based revenues (law firms, agencies and saas) to track time spent working.

They're tag line for recruitment tells you all you need to know about their remote culture: We believe great people will make awesome stuff wherever they are. Their staff come from multiple different time zones from Florence to Sao Paulo. They rely on their team to take complete ownership over their role and want to exercise excellent communication skills.

They are so confident in their culture, they transparently put their employee reviews on their site.

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© Zapier.com


Zapier has created tools (zaps) to connect your apps to automate repetitive tasks, so you can focus on other work.

Spread across 17 time zones in 28 countries, they boast that their team signs into Slack and opens up their work tools on the schedule that fits their lives best. They ask that their employees communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of their work.

Their jobs page is super insightful into what it is like to work at Zapier.

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© buffer.com


Buffer simplifies social media management and engagement. They're not colleagues, they're teammates. This creates the ethos of a team rather than a company. They boast 85 teammates in 15 locations.

A nice tribute to Buffer is the fact they attribute their team ethos to their success. With a lot of competitors for their business out there, it's not surprising. By putting their team first, they believe their product, client relationships and success take care of themselves. Don't believe me? Read if for yourself.

© maze.design


Maze is a prototyping platform. They are a group of people working from all over the world to build the future of user research together. Remote by design, they travel as a team twice a year to discover the culture and country of one of their teammates - that's awesome!

Like Memorisely, they champion humans in their website and to us, this really evokes a human first approach.

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Join our remote team!


We couldn't write a piece about remote teams without mentioning ourselves could we? As mentioned in previous posts, we are bootstrapped and growing sustainably to hire a fully remote team who can champion remote UX/UI education. If you think you would like to work for us, then pop over to our careers page and check out the latest roles.

© abstract.com


Abstract allows you to collaborate in design with your team. Abstract champion their product and team, with including a wide range of ideas and voices so they can build something remarkable.

They go one more than boasting that their colleagues dial in via home, they say that their team joins them online from carpools or on travels. They also allow their team with no cap on annual leave and 10 weeks parental leave.

This is certainly a team of quirky individuals who put their team first.

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© clubhouse.io


Clubhouse is project management software. Like all good project managers, they put people first, note how they also use humans in their website design.

With 5 company pillars publicly on their website: Treat People Right, Bring People Joy, Take Responsibility, Be Transparent, Move Fast, you could count on Clubhouse to be a perfect place to work remotely.

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© loom.com


Loom is a super video explaining tool. One we use regularly at Memorisely during Bootcamps and our Microlearning cCub. Like others, they want to tap into the best talent from around the world and are therefore remote first.

Looking at their colleague map, they have every corner of the world covered. With perks like wellness grants, learning and development funds, you'd would be very welcome at Loom!

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© webflow.com


Webflow have been growing rapidly since being founded in 2013. They've got a seriously talented team who as well as enabling everyone to create for the web are encouraged to lead fulfilling lives while they do it. Half of their team is based in sunny San Francisco, with the other half distributed in nations ranging from Australia to Lebanon, Poland to Canada.

Webflow even pays you to take a break, giving you $1000 for your first break over 5 days!

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Oh there are more...

I've highlighted 10 of the teams I follow and admire for their commitment to distributed teams. Having worked remotely for coming up to five years I'm happy to chat to anyone about the benefits, and challenges, just sling me a message in our Tribe slack channel anytime! Post Covid: 19 I'm hopeful most companies will shift to a remote setup given the efficiency and flexibility of a fully distributed team.

Zander Whitehurst
Founder and CEO, Memorisely

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