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Awesome UX Design podcasts for beginner UXUI Designers

Listening to podcasts opens us to other designers' techniques, responsibilities, hardships, and experiences

UX/UI Design
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If you are a beginner UXUI Designer, you can harvest a gold mine of motivation to keep up your career growth, knowing that everyone has started somewhere. Listening to podcasts opens us to other designers' techniques, responsibilities, hardships, and experiences. Hearing their stories helps us to learn, feel inspired, and feel a sense of belonging.

There are plenty of podcasts addressing UXUI design, IxD, UX research, Human Centered Design, Digital products, and Technology... pretty much any subject of design. Today, we want to share five podcasts you can't miss as a UXUI designer starting their journey in the field.

UI Breakfast by Jane Portman

Jane Portman is a UX consultant specialising in the design of Software as a Service (SaaS). She interviews designers from around the world for her podcast, where she and the guests touch on specific aspects of user experience design and how everything comes together in the user interface.

Check out this episode to start: UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 193: Designing for Tablets with Mark McGranaghan

More about UI Breakfast and their episodes:

Website: https://uibreakfast.com/category/podcast/

Episode duration: approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Design better by Invision app

Are you wondering how lead designers and their teams make design decisions? Or how do lead design and tech companies handle their scheduling or constraints in design? Then this podcast is a treat. The hosts, Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery from Invision App bring a season theme podcast full of insights from design leads who share their insights on how their teams work and build amazing products.

You can start from any season you'll like, but if you want to get insights regarding how to design research and human-centred work together in innovation, then listen to this episode: Ford's Sandy Fershee: Driving innovation with human-centred design.

More about Design better

Website: https://www.designbetter.co/podcast

Episode duration: approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.


UX/UI Design Bootcamp

12 weeks · part-time

Spend 12 weeks learning live from industry experts in a micro class. Learn-by-doing with practical case studies and publish your portfolio! 

UX Podcast by James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom

The hosts of the UX Podcast want to empower aspiring UX designers by encouraging open and widespread conversation about many UX-related topics, such as design, research, business, and tech. Their primary motivation is to educate and eliminate stoic behaviours that often happen in the design world, such as authentic knowledge share between designers.

At the beginning of our UXUI career, we might need to learn how important it is to visualize, sketch, and diagram to undercover ideas for overcoming design problems. This episode of the UX podcast can help you understand to subject more deeply: Visual thinking with Eva-Lotta Lamm.

More about the UX Podcast

Website: https://uxpodcast.com/

Episode duration: approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

Honest UX Talks by Anfisa Bogomolova and Ioana Teleanu

If you are thinking of switching careers to UX design, or are a junior UXUI designer, then I cannot recommend this podcast enough. Bogomolova and Teleanu discuss what it is like to be a UX designer in the real world in their relaxed yet very knowledge-packed show. Their topics are down to earth and relatable, giving any UX designer at any stage a good piece of advice in day-to-day situations. They also touch on experience issues through design interviews and what might be stopping you from landing that job.

Suppose you are wondering what to do after finishing our wicked Memorisely UXUI design Bootcamp and want to gather insights in landing your first job. In that case, this episode is perfect for you: #19 between Bootcamps and your first UX job.

More about Honest UX Talks

Anchor: https://anchor.fm/honestuxtalks

Episode duration: approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Closing thoughts

Remember to stay resilient in your journey as a UXUI designer! In the podcasts listed in this article, you can find supporting experiences from real professionals who, like you, were a beginner as well. Their shared processes, experience, and knowledge about UX design can positively impact your growth.

Let us know what you think of this list on our socials. We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!