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Building a remote book club for UX/UI Designers

Zander Whitehurst
Founder and CEO, Memorisely
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Finished a book recently?

Hands up if you have started a book, got a quarter of the way through and then gave up. Is your hand up? Mine is. For me this is especially true of self improvement books. At Memorisely, we decided to do something about it. We have created the Memorisely Book Club to help our Memorisers choose, finish and learn with books.

Members vote on which book to read

You're right, I never finish books, so why would I finish these ones?

Because you keep yourself accountable. The fact that you know you have 7 other Memorisers all reading the same pages gives you an extra responsibility. You don't want to let them down. It's a team effort. Breaking it down into certain pages to read also gives us a small target each week. This target is fully achievable and can easily fit in the weekly routine of work and social life. In fact, a lot of us see it as the perfect combination of the work/life balance.

So I just read the book and that's it?

Coupled with it being a team effort is the fact that we take time to digest our thoughts on a group call. It's fascinating to see how one point can be taken different ways by different Memorisers. By talking through certain points we get to see things from different perspectives and we have been enhanced in 2 ways. Once by the book itself, and secondly by the way our Memorisely peers have digested the book.

The sense of accountability is also enhanced. There's nothing worse than being in a meeting without having done the proper research or preparation, and this is no different. By holding these calls we are not only sharing and learning, but we are keeping accountable that we are going to read the page and in turn, finish the book.

This sounds good, but what if I don't like the book?

There is a low chance you won't like the book. This is because every book is suggested by our Memorisers in slack and the Book Club votes which one we will read next. So not only do you get to choose the books, there's a whole library for us to choose from.

Any other perks of the Memorisely Book Club?

An added incentive is the fact that we organize a "Meet the Author" session. At the end of every month we invite the author of our monthly book to join us over zoom to discuss the book. It's a fun opportunity to learn directly from the author and dive deeper into the book. What better way to not only learn via reading but also meet the mind behind the words!

Chatting to Susan Weinshcenk the author of 100 things

Impress me, how many books have you read?

To date, we have finished 3 books and have a whole backlog of choices thanks to our Memorisers suggestions. Plus, every month members suggest new books so as far as future reads go, we're pretty confident we have a decade worth of design books to get through!

Finish books for free!

If, like me, you struggled to finish UX/UI books, then I encourage you to join our Book Club. It's totally free, everyone is super friendly, so ye, give it a try if you'd like to read more books with some down to earth designers around the world. I'm so grateful to all our Book Club members who turn up every month, suggest new books, and motivate me and everyone else to finish them!

Zander Whitehurst
Founder and CEO, Memorisely

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