Community is everything: Building the Memorisely Tribe

Zander Whitehurst

Community is everything

Building the Memorisely community has been our #1 goal from day one. We wouldn’t be who we are without the engagement, enthusiasm, and feedback that our tribe provides to Memorisely.

A tool is not enough

Working as a UX/UI designer, you swiftly come to realize how perishable products are. The design tool wars are ongoing, with hundreds of millions of dollars spent wooing new and experienced designers into using their tool. The UX/UI design vertical is highly competitive and an almost impossible market to stay relevant in no matter how much investment you acquire. To give an example, Invision has raised over $350 million, but are struggling to stay connected as a tool. Moreover, as users, we have smartened up. With excess tool supply, we have a choice and typically want more than just another tool.

Saturated UX/UI market

The Monzo Mentality

Away from the UX/UI world, Monzo, a modern banking app is a perfect example of being more than just another tool. Monzo has focused 100% on building a community to stay relevant and connected. As well as suggesting improvements, feeding back on the product, the Monzo community meetup, they have socials, hackathons, their entire product is even crowdfunded by their community. Monzo is a brilliant example of focusing on community to build a sustainable business. We are applying Monzo's mentality to Memorisely.

The Monzo community is class. Credit @monzo


Testing our MVP on Instagram was the perfect platform for forming a community. The first step to developing our community was talking to designers honestly and taking the time to respond to comments and messages. As the founder of Memorisely, it was important for designers to trust me, and the only way to do this is, to be honest, and yourself. Stories gave me the outlet to connect with the community on a genuine human level, with struggles, ups, downs, and fun times.

Building friendships on Instagram 🙌

Shifting to slack

It felt important to connect all of the designers I was having 1:1 conversations with directly. To do this, I needed to share my vision of Memorisely visually. I began mocking up a landing page to help the community visualize what Memorisely was and how it could help them. Sharing this on Instagram, designers signed up and were encouraged to join the Memorisely community on slack. This shift away from 1:1 enabled other designers around the world to connect and motivate each other. With a friendly #introductions channel, designers could introduce themselves and immediately connect with others. Slack became a perfect place to share product updates, articles, and a safe place to ask any UX/UI questions.

#tribe-argentina to #tribe-usa

With the Memorisely community using slack and connecting, it felt necessary to connect designers locally. So I created country channels, inviting designers into their selected countries to talk in their language. These channels became a great source for organizing Memorisely meetups directly with local designers. They also provide the perfect infrastructure for scaling Memorisely organically, giving designers the flexibility to stay local or connect globally.

Global and local UX/UI Memorisely tribes

Thank you to everyone who has helped us make the Memorisely Tribe what it is today! It's early days, but we are excited to grow the Memorisely tribe together!

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