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Making the Most of Networking on LinkedIn

Connecting with purpose, empathy and your personal touch

UX/UI Design
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LinkedIn is currently one of the most powerful networking tools for designers. It brings together people from all over the world and can be a game-changer in your career trajectory. I'm here to help you make the most of it by guiding you through connecting with purpose, empathy, and your personal touch. The best part? It can be fun, too!

Go at Your Own Pace

Write this down and stick it to your computer. Go at your own pace. Networking can be an intimidating process, but it's important to be mindful that everyone’s on their own journey. Don't compare yourself to others or feel like you need to rush to catch up to where others are. Take your time and go at your own pace. Focus on building genuine connections and trust that you'll make meaningful connections when the time is right.

Optimise Your Profile

Simply having a LinkedIn profile isn't enough. It needs to stand out among the crowd of designers with a genuine and intentional approach. Make sure your profile photo is clear and showcases your personality. Ensure you have a clear headline and a personalised bio highlighting your skills, experiences, interests, and passion. Consider what makes you unique.

Bonus: Don't forget to include relevant keywords to help others find you in search results.

Always Send Personalised Connection Requests

How do you know them? If you don’t, why do you want to connect? Be intentional, respectful, and kind. Start by reaching out to people you know (friends, former colleagues, or classmates), then go beyond by connecting with recruiters, industry leaders, and others from whom you have a genuine interest in learning. Check out the following examples for inspiration for connecting with folks you may not personally know:

Remember to make it your own!

Hi [Name]! I’m [insert your name], [your occupation]. I came across your profile and am reaching out because [insert why]. I'd love to connect and learn more about [what you want to learn] in [specific area of interest].

Optional: In exchange, I [something you may want to offer].

Hey [Name], I came across your profile and it looks like we share a passion for [insert passion]. I’d love to connect and follow your journey [insert why]. Thank you.

Don't sweat it if some people don't respond or accept your connection requests. Remember, everyone has a comfort level when it comes to networking (especially with folks they may not personally know), and others may be busy. That’s okay! Stay positive and assume good intentions - after all, building meaningful relationships takes time and effort.


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Attend Events and Join Groups

You can join groups and find events through your alma mater or other LinkedIn communities. Simply search keywords in the search bar to find communities that are right for you! By attending events, either in-person or virtual, you’re exercising your soft skills. These are opportunities to stay current on the latest news and trends in the industry while making valuable connections. You never know who you might meet and what you might learn.

Follow Companies and People

Follow companies and people who you find influential in your field and others who may share similar values. This way, you'll get updates on their latest activities, job openings, and industry news. This also allows you to see things from a different perspective and engage with their content.

Create and Engage with Content

Like, comment, and share others’ content. Not only does this help build relationships but it also boosts your visibility on the platform. If you’re comfortable, share your thoughts and insights as well. This can be through articles, posts or comments and reactions to other content. Consider posting about your latest project, fun updates in your industry, or even start a discussion. Sharing is a great way to discover your voice and attract others to your profile when building your community.


Ask folks you have experience working with for LinkedIn recommendations. These highlight your skills from other perspectives and may be helpful testimonials when looking for job opportunities. Pay it forward by writing recommendations for others you worked with! Recommendations are a great way to show your support for fellow designers and build stronger relationships with your existing network.

Let’s Wrap It Up

So there you have it. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that might seem intimidating but can also be a blast! Be yourself, be kind, and be open to growth. You might meet some seriously awesome people, and if there are two things to take away from this article, it’s that you should always send a personalised connection request and remember to go at your own pace.