Memorisely, microlearning for busy UX/UI designers

Zander Whitehurst
Founder of Memorisely
December 1
We are delighted to be launching Memorisely for the UX/UI community. We've spent a few months developing our Beta, which makes it easy for busy designers to memorise fundamental UX/UI principles in minutes.
We began our microlearning journey six months ago with a no-code MVP, which gathered a community of 35,000 designers. Since the soft launch of in late September, we've had a busy few months planning, researching, testing, designing, iterating, and building the Memorisely brand.
From day one, we've always wanted Memorisely to be more than a learning tool, and we're dedicated to building the largest community of UX/UI learners around the world. New or experienced, we want to help busy UX/UI designers find microlearning moments every day. As we grow, we have grand plans for Memorisely meetups and remote UX/UI bootcamps. Until then, we are focused on building the best learning product for our community.
'Wow!' is the reaction we hope designers have when they land on, as new or returning visitors. Learning should be fun and frequent, and frankly, we don't think competitors are keeping up with design trends or learning habits.
We've analyzed and tested designers' habits to create Memorisely. Unlike competitors, our entire learning model is iterative, with a significant focus on microlearning moments. Like meditation, we believe designers can carve 10 minutes into their daily routine to learn something new.
If you are interested in microlearning, then we recommend signing up for early access to our free Beta. It will be great to get your feedback and have you join our awesome global community of UX/UI designers!