No-code MVP with 35,000 early adopters

Zander Whitehurst
Founder of Memorisely
November 1
Hello, UX/UI designers! My name is Zander Whitehurst, and I'm the founder of Memorisely. The majority of you reading this have likely never heard of Memorisely or me, so let me introduce myself and Memorisely real quick.
I studied at Oxford and New York University. While in New York, I founded the first contactless donation platform, Common Pence. I've worked for Google Venture-backed startups in London, NYC, Sydney, and was an early member of Hotjar's remote team. When I'm not designing, I enjoy going surfing, cycling or running, and my toughest challenge was a 300km multi-day ultra-marathon through Jordan's Wadi Rum desert. With a micro introduction to me out of the way, let me tell you about Memorisely.
I've always been fascinated by habits. As a UX/UI designer, I'm still trying to make making marginal gains to my workflow and routine. Not big bang shifts, but micro improvements in communication, feedback, research, tool shortcuts, and more recently learning. Google UX/UI course, and you'll be spammed with overpriced courses teaching outdated material, and none align to a typical design routine. So, in June 2019, I formed a hypothesis that busy designers needed micro-moments every day to learn or scratch up on UX/UI principles. I began creating micro UX/UI content to test my hypothesis with UX/UI designers in a rush. I focused 100% of my attention on Instagram; it's flooded with creatives who already have formed a habit of checking and engaging with content every day.
Every week for four months, I created micro UX/UI carousel posts to upskill designers, quizzes to test recall and sold micro UX/UI books and templates ($19) to confirm designers were willing to pay for a microlearning experience.
As well as validating my hypothesis, I was passionate about forming a design community that could champion a modern micro-movement, like-minded designers who wanted to establish a healthy learning habit. Over the four months, I grew a community of 35,000 awesome UX/UI designers. I responded to every comment, message, and made friendships with new and experienced designers all over the world!
With four months of successful testing, I am now focused entirely on designing and building Memorisely, a microlearning product that helps our UX/UI community learn faster, frequently! It's not a new design, version control, or prototyping tool; it's a microlearning tool for UX/UI designers. The Memorisely Beta will be ready to test in early 2020, and If you are interested in joining our early bird community of designers, I recommend signing up for early access.