Why we formed a UX/UI Book Club around the world

Zander Whitehurst

We have a diverse community around the world

As a UX/UI tribe, we have over 750 members in 56 countries. Every day designers chat, ask questions, share articles, and feedback on each other's design in our tribe slack space.

It was a bad habit

On a personal note, reading has never been a strength of mine. Typically I struggle to find time to sit down, shut off, and entirely focus on reading a book, especially when I'm on the move. I've developed a bad habit of starting and never finishing.

I turned to the Memorisely tribe for help

So, I looked to the Memorisely tribe to fix my reading problem. A quick flick through our #book channel showcased other designers' latest reads with decent reviews and suggestions. With our tribe entirely focused on UX/UI design books, I recognised an overlap in reading lists and saw an opportunity to connect tribe members who enjoyed reading.

James sharing a great book review and recommendation

Always ask

Without overthinking, I asked members if they would be interested, and if so, what books they'd recommend reading together. The goal is to read a UX/UI book-a-month together, catching up over a zoom call to share our perspective without any pressure. With accountability and motivation from a collective, I'm hopeful we will be able to start, finish, and educate each other on a new UX/UI book every month.

Asking members for their reading list and energy for the book club ⚡️

Our first book!

With plenty of interest, our global UX/UI book club kicks off in March with members all reading 100 things every designer needs to know about people by Susan Weinschenk. 

Our 2020 reading list 📚

Thanks to everyone who shared their reading recommendations and has ordered Susan's book. I'm super excited to share this experience with such an awesome collective. For those interested, it's not too late to grab your copy and join our book club; it's free and friendly.

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