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As a tribe we read a book-a-month together. At the end of the month we jump on a zoom call with the author to share perspectives and learn from each other.
πŸ“¦ Order your copy
Every year, we share a monthly list of each UX/UI book we will be reading together. Members order paperback copies or whack it on their kindle in preperation
πŸ‘€ Start Reading
On the first of every month we start a new book together. during the month we send members nudges to keep them motivated.
πŸŽ‰ Finish and chat to the author
On the last day of each month we jump on a zoom call with the author to share perspectives, ask questions and learn from each other!

Read a book-a-month with thousands of designers around the world.

Our book club is free to join and designed to help new and experienced designers form a healthy habit of reading every month. Authors share their perspective directly with our club at the end of every month. It's awesome.

A remote UX/UI book club for new and experienced designers.

New or experienced, reading should be etched into your UX/UI workflow. With hundreds of design books, we believe it's better to read together, learn from each other and get more out of every book.

Check out what we are reading right now.

Our reading list is created by our Tribe. Every month we challenge each other to read a new design book that will improve our outlook and workflow. We nudge each other to stay on track and at the end of the month we share our learnings without any pressure.

Encouraging designers to find quality time away from their screen.

As a UX/UI designer it's routine to have 6+ hours of screen time a day. The Memorisely Book Club helps designers form a healthy habit of stepping away from their screen, to just sit for 10 minutes a day and read about design.

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We are on a mission to build a sustainable education business that upskills UX/UI designers around the world.
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