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Memorisely is a fully remote and bootstrapped startup on a mission to make learning UX/UI accessible. We've got an awesome UX/UI community in over 91 countries and our Live Bootcamps bring 10 designers from around the world together to learn-by-doing.

We're making learning UX/UI accessible

We're trading classrooms in expensive cities for virtual classrooms, allowing anyone in the world to learn together. We're limiting class sizes to ten, ensuring every student gets a genuinely personal learning experience. We're pricing our Bootcamps affordably, inline with how education should be.

We're applying our years of experience in designing products remotely to teaching, ensuring students are taught by active designers who are passionate to educate. We're constantly updating our curriculum with the latest remote workflows and tools, ensuring students pickup decent habits and learn what's relevant in the industry today.
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What makes Memorisely different?

We're not driven by money or interested in becoming a mystical unicorn. We happily cut through the noise and teach designers personally, taking a 100% learn-by-doing approach with a zero powerpoint policy.


Community first
Our community have supported us since day one and they mean everything to us. Everyday we foster inclusivity.


Always authentic
We hate shady marketing and believe raw authenticity and transparency is the key to any conversation or way of teaching.


Celebrate diversity
We listen and learn from our diverse community. It's the diversity of our community that makes Memorisely magic.


Stay sustainable
We're interested in creating a sustainable education business that invests in our community, team, and the world. Hence why we are fully bootstrapped.


Positive energy
We're great believers in emitting positive energy and being a kind human goes a huge way. We're proud to have the friendliest UX/UI community on the planet.


Waves before web
If the swell is good, drop everything and surf. Being remote, we encourage our team and tribe to grab time away from the screen and enjoy some fresh air everyday.

Being remote is everything to us

Being a full remote startup, culture and values are everything to us. We work hard, but champion the benefits of working remotely. It's important every member of our team champions our values and enjoys working remotely by seeing the world as they work.

How we hire at Memorisely

We're fortunate to have an amazing community around the world and before jobs go public we share roles with our community to foster opportunities from within Memorisely. Much like Patagonia, we're interested in building a company from referrals vs recruiters.
✍️ Application
⏰ 30m
Our application form is purposefully extensive to ensure we immediately filter for those who really want to work with Memorisely. We take a couple of days to process each and screen for a variety of criteria.
📹 Video
⏰ 30m
Applicants are then asked to submit answers to questions via video. Being a fully remote team it's a great opportunity for us to get to know you away from your keyboard.
💬 Interview
⏰ 1hr
Depending on the role we conduct a series of short interviews to get to know you, learn about your experience and understand why you'd like to take Memorisely to the next level.
🏆 Task
⏰ 2hr
We take a learn-by-doing approach with our Bootcamps, which is why we have a task round to gain an understanding of how you work on a practical level.
🎉 Offer
🎉 Welcome aboard!
We make an offer to the candidate we feel are the best fit for the role.

Open roles

Community Manager (EMEA)
Remote job
Open Role
We're always looking for amazing people to join us! If you're interested in joining Memorisely and helping us grow then contact us directly by email

Ready to become a UX/UI designer?

As you'll have gathered, we're open and honest and would love to have you join our next Bootcamp!
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