Change your life, become a UX/UI designer.

UX/UI online course (6 weeks)
In 8 part-time weeks learn the skills of a UX/UI designer and follow the Lean UX principles to upskill in your current design role or change your career.

Change your life, become a UX/UI designer in 6 weeks.

Our part-time UX/UI course is an immersive six-week bootcamp; think of it as a side hustle to your existing career or education. The course is organised into six modules with short videos, activities, and quizzes. At the end of the course, you will know how to research, wireframe, mockup, prototype, validate, and test an experience that matches users' needs and objectives, following a Lean UX workflow with the latest UX/UI tools.

Our UX/UI course curriculum.

Our course is setup to make you learn UX/UI step by step. You'll follow a schedule that's designed to upskill you in the iterative workflow of a modern UX/UI designer. You'll be required to read, sketch, and pickup new tools fast.
UX/UI/Product Designer
Familiarise yourself with the traits, responsibilities and difference between a User Experience a User Interface and a Product Designer.
Design Thinking
Learn the design thinking method and understand how to apply it to your workflow as a product designer.
Agile Development
Learn about the value of agile development to reduce the waste in your design workflow and focus on continuous improvement.
Learn about making marginal gains by always designing a Minimum Viable Product.
UX Design
Familiarise yourself with qualitative and quantitative research. Use the latest tools to gather product and user research and understand user needs.
Define and fall in love with problems before creating solutions. Learn how to map journeys, create user personas, write problem statements
Learn the fundamental ideation techniques to quickly brainstorm and frame your problem in relation to users and business goals.
Learn how to rapidly draw flows, wireframes, and understand the importance of rapid sketching and iteration.
Learn how to prepare and conduct usability tests remotely. Understand how and why to test your designs with users and your own team.
UI Design
Design system
Learn how to create a design system for your product. Build components, text, and color styles in Figma.
Design mockups and understand the importance of frequently iterating on your designs with an MVP mindset.
Familiarise yourself with creating a tight feedback loop, and learn how to ask and ultimately apply feedback to your designs.
Connect the dots and learn how to connect frames, creating interactions, and building a testable prototype.
Graduate 🎉
As well as graduating with an awesome UX/UI class you'll have lifelong access to Memorisely courses and content.
We give our students the confidence to find a UX/UI role with design interviews, and portfolio advice.
Slack & Tribe
Join our Memorisely tribe of 1400+ designers around the world discussing UX/UI in our slack channel and at meet-ups around the world.

Arrange 1:1 catchups during the course.

Our part-time 6 week UX/UI schedule is designed to fit around your busy routine. We've setup 1:1 catchups during the course to offer feedback and answer any UX/UI questions. These sessions are designed to help keep you motivated and ensure you hit your learning goals with the help of UX/UI experts.

Our UX/UI course is 100% online and accessible.

Our part-time course is 100% online giving you the flexibility to study from anywhere. We capitalise on software to bring designers from around the world together. Because of this, our UX/UI course is diverse, efficient and made to fit into any busy routine.

Master the latest UX/UI tools.

Our UX/UI course is designed around the latest tools. Unlike corporate courses that have a fixed syllabus, we believe it's important to equip designers with the latest toolset. Our UX/UI course teachers you to never get lazy with your tool stack, ensuring you land the best, relevant UX/UI jobs.

Join our global UX/UI tribe around the world.

Learning anything new can always be a challenge. Luckily with Memorisely you are surrounded by like-minded designers who motivate, feedback, and encourage you from around the world. You'll join the Memorisely slack channel, your class channel and be invited to UX/UI meetups around the world.
UX/UI Designer
"Quality tips and tricks that are easy to consume plus the idea that I can track my progress and quizzes! The community. It’s by far the friendliest community I’ve come across. I love how the folks are thoughtful and thorough about giving tips to each other"
UX/UI Designer
"The Memorisely community is a global UI/UX community where we help each other grow, learn and improve. It’s all about connecting, inspiration, feedback, tips & tricks, meet-ups (soon), and presenting UI/UX related questions.
UX/UI Designer
"For me I'd call the Memorisely tribe a group of enthusiastic designers coming together to learn and grow together through sharing."
UX/UI Designer
"Memorisely is a great fast-growing community of talented people from UX/UI design industry, which helps us to grow and share our experiences with each other, not only for experienced people also it’s very helpful for newbies in this industry!"
Our UX/UI tribe is worldwide and day or night you'll get an answer to any design problem you are facing.
As well as your class slack channel, you'll be invited to the Memorisely slack channel to learn, feedback, and find opportunities.
As well as discussing UX/UI everyday on slack, you'll be invited to join Memorisely meetups, make friends and learn in amazing local environments.
Our tribe constantly feedback on how we can improve Memorisely, ensuring we stay lightyears ahead of competition and right on UX/UI trend.

We are totally transparent with pricing.

We believe it's important to be totally transparent with pricing. Memorisely is 100% bootstrapped, ensuring we scale organically with our community vs investor demands.

Our UX/UI course is priced based on value and honest feedback from designers. Unlike a lot of courses who hide their price, we want to be totally transparent and have written a blog post explaining why our course is $720.




USD / month billed monthly
Essential Features
Our UX/UI course is an immersive 6 week part-time course.
Immersive 6 weeks
Online UX/UI classes
Tune in to our online classes from anywhere and on any device. world.
Modern syllabus
Our syllabus is modern and made to ensure you learn the latest workflows, tools and UX/UI principles.
Master UX/UI tools
We teach you how to use the latest UX/UI tools for every step of your workflow.
100% remote
Our UX/UI course is 100% remote, so you can learn from anywhere.
Accelerate Career
Either become a UX/UI designer from scratch or accelerate your career with our immersive course.
1:1 Mentorship
Receive 1:1 mentorship from our UX/UI experts helping you overcome any problems with confidence.
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