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Lato Bold Italic is our brand typeface.

Lato is our product header typeface.

Graphik is our product text typeface.


We follow an a 8px rule when it comes to type scale and a 4px vertical baseline for blocked components in the product.

Heading one

56px / 72px
Lato Bold

Heading two

44px / 56px
Lato Regular

Heading three

32px / 48px
Lato Regular

Heading four

24px / 32px
Lato Regular
Heading five
20px / 28px
Lato Regular
Body bold
16px / 24px
Graphik Medium
Body regular
16px / 24px
Graphik Regular
Button regular
14px / 24px
Graphik Medium
14px / 18px
Graphik Medium
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