Learn like you design, fast and frequently.

As designers, our routine is fast and iterative. Everyday we communicate in Slack, design together in Figma or version control with Abstract. So why are we still taking a big bang approach to learning?
About memorisely

Everything is personal, why not learning?

Adjust the look and feel of memorisely to fit your environment. Environment is everything when it comes to semantic encoding*
* Semantic encoding is a fancy way of describing the first stage of memory processing.
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A micro UX/UI library, kinda like Netflix.

Much like a Netflix documentary, each UX/UI design series is grouped into micro episodes and chapters that you can memorise on any device; our version of chunking*
* Chunking is a way of dealing with or remembering information by separating it into small groups or chunks.
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Test yo'self with fun UX/UI quizzes!

Our micro quizzes are designed to test your brains recall* of info. As with muscle strength, you can exercise your brain; with memory, it's use it or lose it.
* Recall in memory refers to the mental process of retrieval of information from the past.
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Learn by designing with templates

Memorise in app and practice what you've learnt in your favoured design tool. Never start from scratch again with hundreds of memorisely UX/UI design templates.
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Are you a busy designer?

Join our awesome community of UX/UI designers who have introduced microlearning to their design routine. Oh and we do design meetups around the world!
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