UI Design

Part-Time · 10 weeks
5/5 · 100% completion rate
Learn the skills of a UI Designer with a micro class around the world. Join live online Zoom classes, and master designing beautiful and functional interfaces in Figma.
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Master the visual skills of UI Design in Figma

Our part-time, live UI Design bootcamp is an immersive 10 week learning experience. You'll take a learn-by-doing approach during live sessions with 20 designers around the world.

During the Bootcamp you'll master the visual skills needed to create beautiful and functional user interfaces in Figma. This Bootcamp is our teams ode to Figma. Styles, auto layout, variants, interactive components prototyping, smart animate, versioning, handover; we've packed everything that makes Figma fab into one awesome live Bootcamp.

Why learn live with Memorisely?


For context, typical online courses have a 12.6% completion rate. We're proud to have a 100% completion rate


Average review
The main goal of our Bootcamps is to ensure designers learn-by-doing and have a bunch of fun in the process.


Our alumni are dotted around the world and we're proud to serve 150,000 designers in 150+ countries


Live Bootcamp
Memorisely is the number one online and live Design Bootcamp with a trusted community of 150,000 designers


From our experience and feedback, 20 is the perfect class size for bringing designers together to learn with each other.


We've taught over 500 UX/UI Designers live and our awesome alumni have gone on to work with Google, Pinterest, and NASA!
UX/UI Bootcamp
What you'll learn during our Live UI Design Bootcamp
Figma Workflow
Learn how to organise projects, files, styles, and components in Figma
UI Color Styles
Master using color and creating a functional and accessible color palette in Figma
Learn how to create type scales and use type patterns consistently in your designs
UI Layouts
Master a range of web and mobile layouts by following a consistent grid system
Responsive Design
Learn how to create responsive designs using Figma's autolayout & key plugins
UI Components
Learn how to design beuatiful components, with states and interactions in Figma
UI Animations
Master UI animation in your prototypes using Figma's animation interactions
UI Feedback
Understand how to ask for, and give direct and healthy UI Feedback
UI Versioning & Handover
Learn how to version your designs and smoothly handover prototypes to developers
UX/UI Curriculum

Learn-by-doing with live classes in Figma

Our Bootcamp is setup to make you learn Interface Design in Figma step-by-step with a practical curriculum that focuses 100% on learn-by-doing. Unlike a lotta courses who teach the same powerpoint heavy curriculum for years, our Bootcamp teaches you all the Interface Design skills you need live in Figma! 
Master a UI skill every week
Every week during our Interface Design Bootcamp you'll be challenged to learn new Figma skills by creating mobile, desktop, and responsive interfaces.
Part-Time · 10 weeks
Our Part-time Bootcamp is an immersive 10 weeks. You'll be joining 20 designers from around the world and jumping into live classes on Tuesday
Prepwork and Pairing
As well as meeting your Interface classmates in our Bootcamp slack, you'll be asked to complete prepwork using Figma to get familiar with the principles of Interface Design.
  • Meet your classmates in Slack 👋
  • Create Notion, Figma, and Loom accounts
  • Complete UI reading list
  • Complete practical Figma prep tasks
  • Write Interface Design articles on your tasks
  • Learn the Foundations of Figma
Color Palettes & Figma Workflow
Week 1
In the first week of Bootcamp you'll familiarise yourself with Figma and understand how to adopt a flexible workflow that scales across each iteration of your product.
  • Understand how to use Figma effectively
  • Learn how to organise your Figma projects
  • Adopt the key Figma plugins and shortcuts
  • Build confidence in organising your design versions
Type Scales & Grid Systems
Weeks 2
In week two you'll jump in to designing color palettes from scratch. Instead of selecting random color's using Figma's color picker, you'll learn how to create a scalable, accessible color palette using Colorbox
  • Learn how to create color styles in figma
  • Learn how to name your color shades and tones
  • Master using colorbox to create your color palette ranges
  • Create a scalable, accessible color palette in Figma
Layouts & Auto layout
Week 3
During week three you'll be learning who the importance of typography and language in your interface design. During this week you'll take a deep dive into type pairings, scales, and sizes across each device.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Typography
  • Learn the importance of type hierarchy
  • Create your heading, body, and button styles
  • Learn how to space and form text blocks with auto layout
  • Build confidence in selecting fonts and pairing
Component Sets
Week 4
During week four you'll learn about grid, spacing, and alignment systems that ensure your design has enough white space to breathe. The importance of this week is learning how to form the patterns of your design to create layout consistency across your Interfaces
  • Learn how to use a grid system
  • Learn how to apply a spacing system to your interfaces
  • Master keylines and alignment using auto layout
  • Learn the key layout patterns across mobile and desktop
  • Build confidence in using white space in your interfaces
Responsive Design
Week 5
During the final week of the first half of our Bootcamp you'll be learning how to handle responsive design. It's a beast to design effortless across devices and this week you'll dive into working with Figma's auto layout constraints and resizing to easily design responsively using auto layout
  • Learn the fundamentals of responsive design
  • Master using auto layout constraints and resizing
  • Create responsive designs and memorise key breakpoints
  • Nail organising your responsive Figma pages
Halfway Break
2 weeks
We recognise how tough part-time study can be, which is why we wedge two weeks break in to avoid any burnout. It's a great time for students to recharge their batteries, digest material and complete our light halfway design task. Our halfway break ensures students don't burnout and instead complete the Bootcamp full of beans!

During your break you'll also be set Figma homework to scratch up on what you've learned in your first week
  • Take two weeks to recharge your batteries
  • Finish Figma holiday homework
Interactive Components
Week 6
During week six you'll be diving into our core components week. By the end of this week you will be confident in designing the core components in any product as interactive variants. You'll use Auto layout to design avatars, buttons, chips, and text fields.
  • Learn the various states of each component
  • Master creating auto layout components in Figma
  • Build confidence in creating variants in Figma
  • Use Figma to create interactive components
Component Properties
Week 7
During week seven you'll advance your auto layout skills and build confidence in creating advanced interactive components in Figma. During this week you'll tackle creating nested cards, navigation, and tables. This week is an opportunity to express your skills across dashboards
  • Advance your auto layout skills in Figma
  • Design advanced interactive components in Figma
  • Learn how to nest components in Figma
  • Master auto layout and advanced components
Prototyping & Overlays
Week 8
During week eight you'll be diving into prototyping and animation within Figma. Designing interactions into your interfaces is a key skill for any design and this week is a super opportunity to have fun and learn some of the key prototyping and animation functions in Figma
  • Learn the fundamental prototyping interactions in Figma
  • Build confidence in animating component interactions
  • Familiarise yourself with Smart Animate
  • Create seamless prototypes that follow interaction principles
Animation & Micro Interactions
Week 9
Our penultimate week is an opportunity to learn how to version and embrace feedback on your designs. Every week of Bootcamp you'll be jumping into design crits to get feedback on your work. This week you'll learn how to version, collaborate and form a tight feedback loop
  • Learn how to version your work in Figma
  • Be comfortable hosting Design Crits to get feedback
  • Learn the best collaboration principles
  • Focus energy on your final Figma project! 
Handover & Graduation
Week 10
Our final week is a celebration of your entire experience and also an opportunity to learn how to effortlessly handover and measure the success of your interface designs. During this final week you'll learn the importance of pairing and setting up metrics to measure your designs.
  • Learn how to 'handover' designs in Figma
  • Understand the value of measuring the success of designs
  • Graduate our Bootcamp together 🎉
  • Learn from UX/UI Alumni in the industry
UI Design Alumni
Post Bootcamp
Having graduated from our Design System Bootcamp, you'll join our alumni of experienced designers around the world who stay connected during meet-ups and in our community channel.

As well as staying connected with your classmates, and joining our alumni, we'll be dropping in with updates to our Bootcamp for you to implement into your companies Design System! As you'll learn in our prepwork, a Design System is constantly evolving and we want to keep you in the loop!
  • Join our Alumni of experienced designers
  • Connect with our UX/UI community in 120+ countries
  • Receive updates on our Bootcamp to continue learning 🎉
Bootcamp Schedule

Learn live with a micro class of 20 designers

Our Bootcamps are intense and It will be a lotta work. We pride ourselves on having a schedule that works for busy designers around the world. Every step of the way you'll receive support from your teacher, classmates, and our tribe of thousands of designers around the world!
Expert educators
You’ll learn live from the best in the design industry; Zander Whitehurst is the Founder, CEO, and Educator Advisory Board member for Figma
Live Classes
You’ll join a small group of designers for weekly live & interactive classes in Figma. All our teachers and assistants are hand picked and work at top design companies.
Live Design Crits
You'll learn the value of asking for and giving feedback during the ten weeks of our Bootcamp. Our live Design Crits are an oppotunity to develop key feedback skills
Upon graduation you will be awarded a signed UI Design certificate from the #1 Live UI Design School and of course you'll receive Memorisely merch
8,000+ Community
As well as learning in your micro classes you will have access to our active community of 8,000+ UX/UI Designers who answer questions and provide career guidance
Permanent Access
The learning doesn't stop after our Bootcamp. You'll gain access to our live Figma class files, templates, Notion spaces and be able to watch all of our live classes back as we record them all for you
Collaborate in Figma
We're doing our best to make it easy for you to learn Figma and Interface Design at a time that works for you. Right now we have three live micro classes in every cohort. So although you'll be learning live with a micro class, you'll get the opportunity to connect with 45 awesome designers around the world!
Prep for our weekly live class
Live class
2 hours
Jump into our live class with designers
Digest what you've learned and prep questions for our co-working session
1 hour
Ask questions and collab with your team
1 hour
Unwind from Bootcamp and get stretchy!
Case Study
We encourage you to wrap up any case study tasks so you can enjoy your weekend
Chill out
All weekend
It's healthy to take a break and enjoy time with family and friends
We made the buttons look so good on the screen you'll want to lick them
Steve Jobs
Learn UI Design live
Learn live with a micro class
Jump into a live zoom class with your class mates around the world and collaborate live in Figma. These sessions are designed to help you learn-by-doing.
Case Study
Build a case study during Bootcamp
Collaboration is key for every designers and every week you'll be set design tasks to complete collaboratively with a team mate during Bootcamp. As well as learning new skills during Bootcamp, you'l graduate with a tangible case study for your portfolio or as evidence to support positive change in your design team.

We take a learn-by-doing approach and if you'd prefer quizzes and text heavy reading lists then we suggest exploring other schools.
Interface Design Team

Learn from Figma and UI Design experts

Our User Interface Design teachers are obsessed with Figma! They'll be teaching you best practices and skills to design awesome interfaces in Figma. Oh, and they are super-friendly and bring a bunch of good energy to live classes! 
Zander Whitehurst
Founder of Memorisely
"Hey! My name is Zander and I'm the founder & CEO of Memorisely. I studied at Oxford University, New York University, and was an early member of Hotjar's remote product design team. I've been Product Designer for a decade and have grown a community of 150,000 UX/UI designers. I'm an Educator Advisory Board member for Figma and have taught Designers at Google, Nasa, Airbnb, Spotify, and Uber. I'm a super enthusiastic teacher and don't believe in powerpoint presentations!"

UI Design Team
Zander Whitehurst
Founder & CEO
UK 🇬🇧
Luke O'Sullivan
Senior Product Designer
UK 🇬🇧
Ian P Herbst
Product Designer
Slide UX
USA 🇺🇸
Connor Ashton
Product Designer
Travel Perk
Spain 🇪🇸
Simon Smeraldi
UI Designer
Spot Heroz
Switzerland 🇨🇭
Zander Whitehurst
Founder & CEO
UK 🇬🇧
Nilo Ricas
Senior UX/UI Designer
Brazil 🇧🇷
Design Advocate
Mati Martins
Product Designer
Brazil 🇧🇷
Design Advocate
Liza Heap
Yoga & Wellness
Netherlands 🇳🇱
Bootcamp Yoga
LA Drury
Head of Operations
USA 🇺🇸
Bootcamp Operations
Molly O'Toole
Bootcamp Manager
USA 🇺🇸
Bootcamp Manager
UX/UI design tools

From zero to Figma hero

Our bootcamps are designed around the latest User Interface Design tools. Unlike corporate courses that have a fixed tool-stack from decades past, we believe it's important to equip designers with the latest tool-stack to excel in their career.
Collaborative interface design tool used by remote design team to collaborate live.
All-in-one workspace for remote teams to organise their work, notes and design systems.
Video messaging for remote teams, used by designers to get feedback and communicate.
Instant messaging for remote teams to share updates and sty in the loop.
Colorbox is a super tool for creating accessible and scalable color palettes
Video conferencing used by remote teams to conduct meetings and workshops.
Micro UX/UI Class

Join a micro class of UI Designers around the world

We think it's vital to have a personalised learning experience and we purposefully limit class sizes to around 20 designers. Keeping class sizes small, ensures we can cover more in the time we have and you'll learn directly from other designers. Plus, it's a safe place to learn with the whole class contributing to discussions and sharing feedback.

Whether you are starting your UI Design career or wanting to advance your Interface Design skills, by the end of our Bootcamp you'll be designing awesome auto layout interfaces supafast! 
UX/UI Alumni

Meet our Bootcamp Alumni

We're proud to educate designers around the world and take a lotta pride in forming a supportive alumni. We throw quarterly alumni events and often have alumni return to Bootcamps as guest speakers.
UX Designer · 🇨🇦
UX Designer · 🇫🇷
UX Designer · 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Memorisely has reinforced what I've known as a UI/UX designer and has enabled me to challenge my own assumptions to become a better designer by teaching today's latest tools with a hands-on approach to problem solving, creative thinking, and design."
Product Designer · 🇹🇱
"The bootcamp has helped me gain understanding and confidence about my role as a Product Designer. I now have a clearer vision of the processes I should be implementing into my workflows."
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"The bootcamp has helped me gain understanding and confidence about my role as a Product Designer. I now have a clearer vision of the processes I should be implementing into my workflows."
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
"Remote work has never been so popular, and I can't think of a better time to take the UX/UI Bootcamp. Being able to learn different skills for your process and to collaborate with others while doing live exercises with people from around the globe is just a great experience."
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"The live-learning approach can't be beat. Zander keeps things engaging and your classmates hold you accountable! The culture couldn't be better."
Product Designer · 🇨🇦
"I've honestly never had a more positive classroom experience. The instruction is top-notch, we learn skills and do work that we're proud to share, and the community is second to none 💪."
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Honestly Memorisely just functions so differently compared to other bootcamps. It’s authentic, updated frequently to keep up with the fast-paced evolving industry, and the community is amazing!! Made some really good friends :)"
Product Designer · 🇸🇬
"My experience with the Bootcamp have been nothing but positive - The duration of this Bootcamp is very suitable and accommodating to my schedule as well as it is not too long or short.At the same time, I needed a refresher for UX to upgrade my skills and was intrigued by the course content so that I can be more confident as a designer."
Product Designer · 🇨🇦
"Very customised and super welcoming. I love the small class size and the process. Do it... do it now 😆"
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Memorisely has been an excellent experience! Zander has put together an excellent, no frills, course that is highly engaging paired with an extremely welcoming environment. After each class I feel like I have a solid understanding of the lesson, and I'm able to take that into the design tasks."
Product Designer · 🇸🇮
"Because of the normal price, the small class size and I think it gave me a more friendly, personal vibe, on other course students seems like a number in the class.And I think it also helps that I was before already in the Slack community, which I really like. :)"
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Are you ready? Hold on! You're going to dive in and learn skills you've been dreaming of mastering and skills you didn't even know you'd need in an engaging and collaborative format."
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"It's the live classes for me. They're super engaging and it's great that you guys are almost always available. Personally, it's pretty close to being the perfect balance of autonomy vs assistance. There's plenty of work to complete too. Also, my designer neighbor is impressed with the work so that's reassuring!"

Simple, transparent and flexible payment plans

Unlike other courses who tuck away their prices, we are totally transparent with our online Bootcamp pricing and take pride in being accessible and affordable.
Pay today · Save $200
$215 $195 / week
Live Bootcamp
$2150 USD
🎉 Save Today
-$200 USD
$2150 $1950 USD
Enroll now
Join a micro class of designers
Live UI Design classes
Join Bootcamp slack
Complete 10hr Prep Tasks
Write Interface Design articles
Complete Interface Design reading list
Master Auto layout in Figma
Master your Figma workflow
Master interactive components
Complete weekly Figma tasks
Join Bootcamp events
Receive UI Design certificate
5 monthly payments
$215 / week
5x monthly payments
$430 USD
$2150 USD
Enroll now
Join a micro class of designers
Live UI Design classes
Join Bootcamp slack
Complete 10hr Prep Tasks
Write Interface Design articles
Complete Interface Design reading list
Master Auto layout in Figma
Master your Figma workflow
Master interactive components
Complete weekly Figma tasks
Join Bootcamp events
Receive UI Design certificate
Next UX/UI Bootcamp

Filling up supafast!

Our Bootcamps tend to fill up pretty quickly which is why we open up months in advance. And we purposefully limit class sizes to around 20 designers to ensure each bootcamp offers a personal learning experience.
Bootcamp Questions

Got a question about our UI Design Bootcamp?

Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. We encourage our students to ask questions directly and you can arrange a quick call with us anytime.
How many designers in a Bootcamp?
Each bootcamp has 20 designers. For us, it's important to keep these bootcamps super personal. This personal model ensures we can support and motivate 100% of students to graduate and have an awesome experience.
Do I need Figma experience?
We have a mix of experienced Figma designers and those just starting out. The brilliance of Memorisely is bringing folks together around the world who share the same goal to better their practice. The homework we set has different levels to push those who have more experience.
How do I meet my classmates?
All learning is done remotely. Before the bootcamp you'll be invited to a private slack space to meet your classmates from around the world. Each week you'll join a zoom class together and throughout the bootcamp we encourage you to collaborate, and constantly feedback to learn-by-doing.
Why Memorisely vs others?
Two reasons.

Firstly, our Bootcamps differ from typical online courses. Unlike online courses that are sold for having 60hr+ of video behind a paywall, Memorisely Bootcamps are immersive learning experiences. Typical online courses have a 12.6% completion rate, whereas we pride ourselves on measuring success with a 98% completion rate from students. So instead of trying to teach yourself by goggling at a video, you'll join a fun class and be taught!

Secondly, you'll be joining classmates around the world, motivating, collaborating and learning from each other. We consider these micro classes, and together you'll graduate and likely remain design buddies for life 🙌
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Live Bootcamps
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