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UX/UI Design Bootcamp

2.5k+ Students

· Part-time · 12 weeks

Kickstart or accelerate your career as a UX/UI Designer in our live bootcamp. Create a series of case studies and publish your job-ready UX/UI portfolio during bootcamp.

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Live Bootcamp


Change your life, become a UX/UI Designer

Learn the skills of a UX/UI Designer with a micro class around the world. Complete case studies, join live online classes in Figma and publish your job-ready UX/UI Design Portfolio during our live UX/UI Design Bootcamp.


Why learn with Memorisely?

We're a good energy, fully bootstrapped remote team who take huge pride in educating designers and developers around the world.


Memorisely is trusted by 500,000+ Designers and Developers in over 150+ countries. We're proud to have such a diverse community of learners.


Since we've launched, Memorisely has grown a community of learners in over 150+ countries. We teach people form Sydney to San Francisco!

0 Powerpoints

We have a 0 powerpoint policy in our Live Bootcamps, preferring to learn-by-doing live in the tools that designers and devs use everyday


During our Live Bootcamp we provide 1:1 support directly in in Slack and during 1:1 calls with our teaching assistants.

≈ 20

You'll join a live class of around 20 learners around the world. From our experience, this creates the perfect dynamic of collaboration and class energy.


Memorisely is the only bootstrapped Bootcamp. We've grown organically with no funding and care passionately about every single one of our students


Educating UX/UI Designers in 150+ countries

We're grateful to have educated UX/UI Designers in 150+ countries and we're trusted by industry leading teams like Google, Figma, Revolut, and Shopify


Learn-by doing with live classes

Our Bootcamp is setup to make you learn UX/UI step by step with a practical curriculum that focuses 100% on learn-by-doing.

Unlike a lotta UX/UI courses who teach the same powerpoint heavy curriculum for years, our Bootcamp teaches you the latest tools, workflows, and best practices live.

Week 0:

Prepwork & pairing

Pre Bootcamp

As well as meeting your UX/UI Design classmates we've got a range of practical tasks and resources for you to be ready to nail the Bootcamp form day one. Ahead of kick-off you'll have completed Figma tasks and paired up with another member of your cohort to complete your case study in a design team.

  • Complete practical prep tasks in Figma
  • Read a range of UX/UI Design books
  • Connect with classmates around the world
  • Form a design team to tackle the first case study of Bootcamp

Week 1:

Usability Fundamentals

Week 1

During the first week of Bootcamp you'll get started on your first case study and learn the fundamentals of usability and the design thinking methodology.

  • Begin your first mobile iOS case study
  • Understand the importance of usability
  • Conduct competitor benchmarking to learn UI patterns
  • Absorb your first brief and conduct a product audit

Week 2

Ideation & User Flows

Week 2

Having understood the importance of usability and done benchmarking, during week two you'll learn a range of ideation techniques to solve problems. With ideas generated you'll get to grips with mapping user flows before wireframing.

  • Learn a range of ideation techniques in Figjam
  • Generate ideas to solve the problem you've identified
  • Map the existing and improved user flows of the product in Figjam

Week 3:

Wireframing & UI Styles

Week 3

In the third week of Bootcamp you'll start to see your ideas in interface form. Following using flows and ideation, you'll learn how to rapidly create digital wireframes and learn the importance of setting color, type, grid, and effect styles in Figma.

  • Learn how to rapidly wireframe with components
  • Create an accessible color palette in Figma
  • Set your mobile text styles in Figma
  • Understand grid systems and create grid and effect styles in Figma

Week 4:

Auto layout & UI

Week 4

In the fourth week of our live UX/UI Design Bootcamp you'll get to grips with Figma's auto layout, learning how to create component sets with properties. For those new to visual design, this'll be a week to buckle up for as we dive deep into components.

  • Learn how to use auto layout in Figma
  • Create a range of auto layout component sets
  • Understand how to name and set component properties
  • Begin designing your hi-fidelity prototype in Figma

Week 5:

Prototyping & Testing

Week 5

With components created, you'll spend week four and five building out your final hi-fidelity prototype with a range of animations. Having designed your prototype, you'll then learn the importance of usability testing to test the success of your design.

  • Learn how to animate components and screens in Figma
  • Create your hi-fidelity prototype following the HIG
  • Understanding how to conduct a usability test
  • Test your hi-fidelity prototype using Maze

Week 6-7:

Bootcamp Break

Week 6-7

After five weeks of live classes and high intensity learning, you'll be able to take a break from class to iterate on your prototype and build your job-ready UX/UI portfolio.

  • Iterate on your hi-fidelity prototype
  • Publish your job-ready UX/UI Portfolio
  • Recharge and return energised for the second half

Week 8:

Research Interviews

Week 8

During the first five weeks we dive heavily into UI Design to ensure you're confident in your Figma. To kick-off the second half of Bootcamp you'll learn how to conduct research interviews.

  • Showcase your first case study and practice presenting
  • Learn how to write an interview script
  • Conduct research interviews to kickstart your web application case study

Week 9:

IA & Synthesis

Week 9

Follow your research interviews you'll learn how to map the information architecture of a product and to synthesise the data you've gathered in Dovetail.

  • Learn the importance of content and mapping information architecture
  • Learn the value of tagging taxonomies
  • Understand how to analyse and synthesise data in Dovetail

Week 10:

Responsive Design

Week 10

During this week you'll learn how to scale your designs using the Atomic Design method. It's also an opportunity to understand how to animate components and learn how to create a responsive prototype

  • Practice a series of ideation techniques
  • Map user flows to support your design
  • Learn how to create a responsive design in Figma

Week 11:

Build Week


Build week is a bunch of fun and every class and co-working session you'll spend building out your final hi-fidelity web application prototype.

  • Collaborate with your team-mate to complete your components
  • Complete your hi-fidelity and responsive prototype in Figma
  • Add your case study to your job-ready UX/UI portfolio

Week 12:

Careers Week

Week 12

Woo! You rocked it and it's time to celebrate. Our careers week is an opportunity to learn more about applying for jobs within the industry and picking up interviews techniques. In our final class, we'll celebrate your achievements with graduation and a fun award ceremony! 

  • Learn how to apply for UX/UI Design roles
  • Practice interview techniques to build your confidence
  • Graduate with your classmates and celebrate your achievements
  • Graduate with your classmates and celebrate your achievements


Memorisely Alumni


Following your Bootcamp you'll join our alumni of designers and developers around the world. As an alumni we're here to help support and connect you with likeminded designers, developers, and hiring mangers

  • Join our worldwide alumni of designers and developers
  • Connect with designers and developers around the world
  • Ask questions and continue learning with our alumni

Weekly live classes and co-working sessions

Every week you'll jump into weekly live classes, co-working sessions and live workshops. Outside of our live class schedule we recommend scheduling 3-4 hours a week to complete any tasks from class.

Weekly Bootcamp Schedule


Live UX/UI Class

2hr · Live class in Figma

During live classes you'll learn live in Figma. We take a learn-by-doing approach to classes with plenty of solo and group activities.



Live Career Class

1hr · Live class in Figma

From the first week of Bootcamp we ensure you are job-ready with careers classes



Live UX/UI Class

2hr · Live class in Figma

During live classes you'll learn live in Figma. We take a learn-by-doing approach to classes with plenty of solo and group activities.



Group Mentoring & Feedback


Thursdays are an opportunity to connect with your mentor and get feedback on your progress



Live Meditation

15m · Live via zoom

Every week we invite students to join meditation sessions to stay grounded and recharge



A live and immersive learning experience

Our live classes are an opportunity to learn-by-doing with your class. During our live-classes we take an active learning approach to ensure you retain and practice key skills

Live Classes

Our live classes are an opportunity to learn-by-doing with your class. During our live-classes we take an active learning approach to ensure you retain and practice key skills.

Case Studies

During our live Bootcamp you'll be creating a series of case studies to add to your job-ready portfolio. These case studies are formed with real product briefs.

Job-ready Portfolio

During our halfway break from live classes you'll publish your job-ready portfolio. We support you in nailing this and provide a template to get your portfolio live, supafast!

Career Classes

Every Tuesday you'll have the opportunity to join our career classes to focus on building your resume, portfolio, and learning how to apply for jobs and interview with confidence

1:1 Support

As well as learning live, you'll have the opportunity to join live group feedback sessions and receive direct feedback from teachers and mentors on your work

Interview Practice

With a chunky part of our Bootcamp focused on landing a job, we provide you with plenty of job application and interview practice to ensure you are job-ready

Education community

Joining our Bootcamp will give you access to our supportive education community. As well as meeting classmates you'll connect with thousands of designers around the world.

Career Guidance

During our live Bootcamp you'll have the opportunity to connect and gain career advice from our experienced team who are there to help you switch career and grow in your current role.


You will be awarded a signed Memorisely certificate on completion of your course and awesome Memorisely merch to celebrate your new career in! 

Career Path

Build a UX/UI career you love

Our learn-by-doing pedagogy ensures you'll pick up skills you need to kickstart or accelerate your career, supafast. To make learning enjoyable and achievable, we've curated a learning career path to help support your growth.

Recommend learning path


UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Part-time · 10 weeks

Learn the importance of usability, conduct research, and design hi-fidelity prototypes. Graduate with a series of case studies and a job-ready portoflio


Design System Bootcamp

Part-time · 5 weeks

During our live Design System Bootcamp you'll spend five weeks collaborating live in Figma to design a scalable Design System.


UX Research Bootcamp

Part-time · 5 weeks

Our live UX Research Bootcamp is a deep-dive into research methods. Conduct interviews, surveys, and synthesis data in a research report in Dovetail

Bootcamp team

Learn live with experienced UX/UI Designers

During our Bootcamp you'll dive into live classes with our teachers who are actively rockin' their roles as Product Designers. You'll also be supported by our good energy Bootcamp Managers who'll guide you through the whole experience

Zander Whitehurst


Preeti Kohli


Jason McLaren


Jake Hannington

Teaching Assistant

Marvin Messenzehl


Stephen Dempsey

Teaching Assistant

Caro Fernandes

Teaching Assistant

Tiff Chan


Lili Bustos Linares


Flavio Barros

Teaching Assistant

Zander Whitehurst


Bootcamp Alumni

Meet our Alumni who work in companies like Google, Nasa, and Puma!

Our alumni of students means everything to us and we're grateful to have placed designers in Nasa, Google, Revolut and more amazing teams around the world

Meet our alumni

Read all


United States 🇺🇸


Canada 🇨🇦


United Kingdom 🇬🇧


Australia 🇦🇺

Bootcamp was an absolute blast. The classes were so interactive and engaging which I loved, and getting to learn alongside a whole bunch of like-minded people from all across the world was super cool. Even post bootcamp, I still keep in touch with my classmates, the Memorisely community is pretty rad.


India 🇮🇳

Experience with Memorisely has been wonderful and engaging. I was super nervous about my responsibilities, before joining UX/UI Design Bootcamp! Now, I feel more knowledgeable and confident about my responsibilities as a product designer.


United States 🇺🇸

I enjoyed the jam-packed curriculum and the guidance and community factor. I have gotten to connect with so many like-minded individuals.


Canada 🇨🇦

This was one of the most positive online learning experiences I have ever had! I so appreciated the real world application that seemed to be woven into everything I learned. Classes and projects were engaging, fun, and suitable for any schedule. I would say the experience is so worth it no matter what stage of your career you are at!


Italy 🇮🇹

I really loved this experience, all my classmates and teacher were amazing. I grew so much as a person and for the first time in a while I was very proud of my work thanks to the community and my class which was very supportive and amazing. Zander, Caro, Stephen, and Flavio are amazing people and teachers. They didn't hesitate to help us when needed and give us feedback on our work. It was one of the best experiences of my life!


France 🇫🇷

"Do it. Especially if you want to feel part of a community / team / class. And if you're an introvert, go for it too. You'll feel at ease in a small group, and get to see and work the different phases of a design thinking project."


Singapore 🇸🇬

"My experience with the Bootcamp have been nothing but positive - The duration of this Bootcamp is very suitable and accommodating to my schedule as well as it is not too long or short.At the same time, I needed a refresher for UX to upgrade my skills and was intrigued by the course content so that I can be more confident as a designer."


France 🇫🇷

It was just very nice to be in a learning space with people from all over the world. I think in general the vibe is super positive. Feels like a safe space to me. The classes are very well designed for interaction with each other so its easy to follow and stay focus. Even tired and late at night 🙈"


United States 🇺🇸

"Memorisely has reinforced what I've known as a UI/UX designer and has enabled me to challenge my own assumptions to become a better designer by teaching today's latest tools with a hands-on approach to problem solving, creative thinking, and design."


United States 🇺🇸

You simply can't beat the value for the price. The staff are nothing short of phenomenal and just want to see you succeed.


Chile 🇨🇱

This bootcamp is great and entertaining. You learn a lot about your chosen bootcamp topic. There is an incredible environment is created with a lot of energy.


United Kingdom

If you know nothing about design or Figma, this is a great place to start and get up to speed with the basics.


Switzerland 🇨🇭

I love the energy of the class, learning by doing; and most importantly, that by the end of each bootcamp you have a complete case study to add to your portfolio!

Next Bootcamp

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Our Live Bootcamps tend to fill up pretty quickly which is why we open up months in advance. And we purposefully limit class sizes to ensure each bootcamp offers a personal learning experience.

Bootcamp Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing

Unlike other courses who tuck away their prices, we are totally transparent with our online Bootcamp pricing and take pride in being accessible and affordable.

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Certified UX/UI Bootcamp

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Launch a job-ready Portfolio

Join a micro class around the world

1:1 support and feedback

Pay monthly

$890 / month

5x Monthly Payments

$890 USD


$4,450 USD

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Certified UX/UI Bootcamp

Live UX/UI Design Classes

Live co-working sessions

Live UX/UI workshops

Create a series of UX/UI Case studies

Launch a job-ready Portfolio

Join a micro class around the world

1:1 support and feedback


Got a question about our Bootcamp?

Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. We encourage our students to ask questions directly and you can arrange a quick call with us anytime.

How many designers in a Bootcamp?

We cap our classrooms at around 20 students. We believe that a limited number of seats within a classroom promotes a more individualized learning experience for our students.

Do I need UX/UI experience?

We have a mix of experienced designers looking to switch to a remote career, junior designers learning the latest workflows, and folks switching career. The mix of designers keeps the learning diverse and those with experience typically step up to support juniors. We try to craft a neat feedback loop for everyone and don’t require you to have had any UX/UI experience.

Why do we have prep tasks?

Our prep tasks ensure that you are ready for your first day of class with the appropriate accounts, knowledge, and community. They are designed to set you up for success as a student.

How do I meet my classmates?

Since Memorisely is fully remote, leading up to your Bootcamp, you will join a private Campus Slack Workspace in which you’ll access your classroom and fellow students to begin connecting with each other. You will have access to all future, current, and graduated students if you’re keen to expand your learning network.

When your term begins, each week you’ll join Zoom sessions where you will collaborate with each other and your teacher.

Are classes recorded?

Yes. Recordings are shared within 24 hours of each session in your Classroom space.

Why Memorisely vs others?

Firstly, our Bootcamps differ from typical online courses due to our live and immersive learning experience. Typical online courses offer 60hr+ of videos behind a paywall and have approximately a 12.6% completion rate.

We proudly measure a 98% completion rate from students. So, instead of trying to teach yourself by goggling at a video, you’ll join a fun class and be taught live through our learn-by-doing approach!

Secondly, you’ll be joining classmates around the world, motivating, collaborating and learning from each other. You’ll graduate with each other and likely remain design buddies for life!

Will I graduate with a job-ready Portfolio?

Yes! Whether you have a portfolio already or not, you will create your portfolio or build upon an existing one with two complete case studies that you will work on throughout class. During your term break, you’ll devote your time to designing and building your portfolio content through a guided framework provided by your teacher.

How many case studies will I complete during Bootcamp?

You will complete two case studies during your student term at Memorisely. Each of these case studies you'll collaborate with a classmate so you can learn how to work in a remote design team.

What are the graduation requirements?

In order to receive a Memorisely Graduation certificate, you will need to attend 80% of live sessions, join with your camera on, and complete your Case Study. If you are unable to join class and/or have your camera on, you will need to let your teacher know in advance and commit to watching the recording in order to stay up to date for the next live session.

Will I have any career support?

Throughout our live Bootcamp you can ask any questions related to career. Our team is on-deck and ready to help with application, interview, and career switching needs.

Your final week during term is devoted to careers in order to prepare you for landing your dream job as a UX/UI Designer. You will refine your portfolio, resume, and practice interview skills. Your teacher and Teaching Assistants will offer additional support and feedback to help build your confidence in applying and interviewing for your dream job.

We have proudly taught students who have moved on to land jobs at Pinterest, Google, Amazon, NASA, and more!

Can I take multiple Bootcamps at once?

We don’t recommend taking multiple bootcamps at once if you are working a full-time job. However if you have the time and your schedule allows, two Bootcamps are feasible but will require some discipline and commitment.

Got another question?
If you've got another questions about our Bootcamp you can send us a message or join an intro session to meet our team and others
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