Microlearning for busy UX/UI designers

Spend 5 minutes memorising key UX/UI principles distilled into bitesize form by experts. Our Memorise plan makes it easy to form a healthy learning habit.

A UX/UI library, kinda like Netflix.

Filter by UX/UI and find a series to memorise in minutes. Each series is distilled into bitesize form by UX/UI experts. Stay up to date thanks to new series added each month.

Bitesize chapters makes memorising manageable.

Episodes are purposefully organised into digestible chunks that can more easily be etched into your long-term memory.
Each chapter includes an actionable UX/UI design tip!

Train your brain to retain with UX/UI quizzes

To retrieve a memory, your brain "replays" or revisits the nerve pathways created when the memory was formed. Recall what you've memorised with fun UX/UI quizzes!

Feature set

Memorisely is built entirely with our communities feedback, so features and series are added based on demand.
The Memorisely library is continuously growing, with new UX/UI series added each month.
UX/UI Series
Memorise key UX/UI principles distilled into bitesize form by our design experts.
Create a personal account with Memorisely and access every UX/UI series on any device.
Use powerful UX/UI filtering to find a series that appeals or challenges you.
Memorising is made manageable with chunked episodes, helping you track your progress.
Quickly navigate between episode chapters with shortcuts, making repeating a breeze.
Test mode
Challenge yourself to actually memorise each chapter by toggling test mode.
Each series and episode is versioned to ensure you are up to date with the latest principles.
Every episode has a multiple-choice quiz helping you train your brain to retain principles.
Share any series or episode with UX/UI colleagues and friends with a single click.
Series are constantly iterated based on our community feedback, so have your say.
Every chapter includes an actionable UX/UI design tip to help you learn faster.

"Memorisely is a learning tool for every UX/UI designer. The snapshot chapters makes learning manageable every day. It's a great combo of Blinkist and Headspace."

Jason Mclaren
UX/UI Designer

Start memorising UX/UI principles today

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USD / month billed annually


USD / month billed monthly
Essential Features
Every month new series, episodes, and chapters are added to the Memorisely library.
Design Library
UX/UI Series
UX/UI series are distilled into bitesize form by our UX/UI experts.
UX/UI Episodes
Memorising is managebale with chunked UX/UI episodes, helping you track your progress.
Test Mode
Toggle Test Mode on each UX/UI episode to blur principles and test your memory.
Versioned Principles
Quizzes help you train your brain to retain UX/UI principles, with realtime feedback.
UX/UI Quizzes
Every chapter includes an actionable design tip, helping you learn faster.
UX/UI Designers
UX/UI Courses
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Job Board
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