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Our tribe of UX/UI designers around the world means everything to us! Friendly, supportive and spread over 87 countries. Members ask questions, share feedback, and we catchup in person at meet-ups in cool places around the world 🍻
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First up, you'll be greeted with a lotta emojis!

As a remote community we can't exactly hug each other, so our members do the emoji equivalent and welcome new members with open arms, thumbs up, and starry eyes. It's niche, but so are we!


Find your next dream UX/UI job

Members get daily notifications of the latest remote and onsite UX/UI roles. Each week you'll receive a list of the latest jobs straight to your inbox. Easy and it's always healthy to test the market.


Learn together, get feedback, and ask UX/UI questions

Our community learn from each other everyday. We've setup channels to directly influence conversation and encourage our Tribe to quickly learn from each other.
Useful UX/UI articles
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Get feedback on your designrs
Introduce yourself to everyone!
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Book Club

We read a book-a-month together

Do you start and never finish books? Sucks right? We formed a remote book club for designers around the world to start and finish books together. It's totally free and we're five books down!
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Why I love Memorisely

β€œWhat separates Memorisely for me is that it’s truly an invested community. People are constantly asking questions, sharing resources, and giving feedback without a sense of β€œwhat’s in it for me.” The content Zander creates is excellent, but the community he’s fostered is the real gold. It’s made me feel that I can travel just about anywhere now and link up with a Memorisely designer for a cold beer and a genuine conversation.”
Blake from USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


Bringing UX/UI designers together in a whole new way

Given we are fully remote we invite experts from around the world to host habit experiences for our tribe. From meditation to cooking, members get an opportunity to try something new and hang out together!


We're proud of our members and celebrate their stories

Memorisely tribe members are from all over the world, and every member has a diverse lifestyle and route into UX/UI. We regularly share a new #memoriser story to inspire our members.
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