Gain confidence in your UX/UI decisions.

1:1 UX/UI session (30 mins)
Schedule a 30 minute one-to-one session to get feedback on designs, guidance in your UX/UI career, direction in your workflow and motivation to give you confidence in your design decisions.

Hey, my name is Zander and I'm here to help!

I'm the founder of Memorisely and I'm 100% focused on educating and motivating UX/UI designers every day. I've studied at Oxford University, New York University and worked at startups in NYC, London, Sydney and remotely around the world. Over the past 6 months I've grown a community of 40,000 UX/UI designers in 20 timezones.

Having been a UX/UI designer for nearly 10 years I've experienced the highs and lows. From throwing together a portfolio and desperately trying to grab my first junior role to making design decisions that impact millions of users everyday.

I've put these 30 minute one-to-one sessions together to help motivate new and experienced designers in their career. They are designed to offer 1:1 personal guidance and give you confidence in your design decisions.

What do I get from a one-to-one session?

These one-to-one sessions aren't 'woo woo' they are focused and personal. Whether it's feedback or direction, they are designed to help you make confident decisions in your designs and career.

Unless you are in a large design team, it's almost impossible to get one-to-one time with an experienced designer. My goal is to make these sessions the most valuable 30 minutes in your week.
First up, schedule a 30 minute one-to-one session via calendly. Whilst scheduling it's important to introduce yourself, share your experience and any links to prep for the sessions. The most value is gained when we focus on one or a maximum of two things per session.
Typical focus
  • Portfolio feedback
  • Protoype feedback
  • Design system feedback
  • Remote design guidance
  • UX/UI job guidance
  • Tool stack guidance
  • Career direction
  • First job direction
  • UX/UI motivation
  • Confidence in decisions
Get feedback on your current UX/UI workflow. Learn where you could save time and improve communication.
Design System
Get feedback on your design system and find opportunities to improve your components or general decisions.
Get feedback on your portfolio to improve your chances of landing that next or first UX/UI role.
Get feedback on the flow and layout of any prototypes. Iron out pain points before conducting usability tests.
Receive 1:1 guidance in finding, and applying for your next dream job as a UX/UI designer.
Get guidance on interview techniques and prep just a little bit better for your first or next round of interviews.
Get guidance on working and finding remote jobs. Learn how to adapt your practice to a remote routine.
Get guidance on UX/UI tools that can help improve your workflow or communication both internally and with users.
Get direction on how to land your first UX/UI job. Level up your applications and focus your efforts.
Design team
Get direction on how to manage and motivate new and existing members of your design team
Get direction in your UX/UI career. Hone your craft and look for internal and external opportunities to grow.
Get direction on what elements could be improved and which direction to shift your designs to solve a problem.
Get motivation to help you progress in your design studies, UX/UI career or with your overall design skills.
Get motivation to help you make confident design decisions in your job. Learn how to validate your decisions.
Boost your confidence. Avoid judging yourself against other designers and learn how valuable your work is.
Get motivated to continually learn UX/UI. Define your learning goals and achieve them sooner.

100% online and accessible.

Every one-to-one session is 100% online via Google Hangouts. We capitalise on software to bring designers from around the world together. Because of this, our mentor sessions are diverse, efficient and made to fit into any busy routine.

What other UX/UI designers have to say.

I'm lucky to speak and learn from designers every day on slack, Intercom, and Instagram and during these session. I've built a community of 40,000 between Instagram and Memorisely and grabbing one-to-one time is my favorite part of every day!
UX/UI Designer
"Quality tips and tricks that are easy to consume plus the idea that I can track my progress and quizzes! The community. It’s by far the friendliest community I’ve come across. I love how the folks are thoughtful and thorough about giving tips to each other"
UX/UI Designer
"The Memorisely community is a global UI/UX community where we help each other grow, learn and improve. It’s all about connecting, inspiration, feedback, tips & tricks, meet-ups (soon), and presenting UI/UX related questions.
UX/UI Designer
"For me I'd call the Memorisely tribe a group of enthusiastic designers coming together to learn and grow together through sharing."
UX/UI Designer
"Memorisely is a great fast-growing community of talented people from UX/UI design industry, which helps us to grow and share our experiences with each other, not only for experienced people also it’s very helpful for newbies in this industry!"

Always honest and transparent with pricing.

Just so you know, Memorisely is not VC backed, it's one designer planning, designing, testing, developing and marketing everything. Unlike a fully funded startup under pressure of shootin' for an early exit, I don't have an agenda and just want to improve the way UX/UI designers learn every day.

Time, experience, feedback from designers, and session value are the four factors that determine the price of these sessions. These sessions are designed entirely to help you thrive in your current or future career.


USD / session


USD / month billed monthly
Essential Features
1:1 Mentorship
Receive 1:1 mentorship helping you overcome any doubts in your decisions or career.
Get Feedback on designs, your portfolio or prototypes
UX/UI Feedback
UX/UI Guidance
Get guidance in applying for your next role or working remotely.
UX/UI Direction
Receive UX/UI career direction on what tools to use and why.
UX/UI Motivation
Get motivated to complete your studies and achieve your UX/UI career goals.
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