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Our bite-sized classes are a perfect way to balance learning with a busy life and career.

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Micro Video Classes

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Our online classes are split into hard and soft skills to ensure you learn the technical and human skills needed to grow in your digital career

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Micro Video Classes

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Upon completion of each class you'll receive a personalised, digital certificate to celebrate your achievement 🎉

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Freddie Frame

Responsive Design in Figma

January 25th, 2023

Winnie Web

Scrolling Animation in Webflow

February 12th, 2023

Fran Hex

Responsive Design in Figma

January 25th, 2023

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The final stage of membership is becoming an educator with Memorisely. Having learned and inspired others, we'd love for you to create classes for thousands to learn with you! 

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Zander Whitehurst
Lead Product Designer
Lili Bustos Linares
Lead Product Designer
David Oskarsson
Lead Software Engineer
Luke O'Sullivan
Lead Product Designer

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Memorisely is trusted by 500,000+ Designers and Developers in over 150+ countries. We're proud to have such a diverse community of learners.

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Since we've launched, Memorisely has grown a community of learners in over 150+ countries. We teach people form Sydney to San Francisco!


Unlike a lotta courses that charge big bucks to learn 60hr+ of content, our membership makes learning manageable

Industry Experts

Learn from industry experts who teach the latest techniques in the latest tools.

Good Vibes

We believe in Good Energy Education and being a member of Memorisely you'll be motivate by others around the world to learn every day


We're big believers in celebrating and every class you complete you'll receive a digital certificate to celebrate your achievement

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