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Portfolio Bootcamp

⏰ 3 weeks
⚡️ Part-Time
In 3 part-time weeks build a scalable portfolio in Webflow that doesn't just showcase a bunch of screenshots. During this Bootcamp, you'll master Webflow and learn how to consistently build a portfolio that showcases you and how you work.
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"Love the transparency. Most definitely my favorite design community "
Laura from USA 🇺🇸



Our part-time Portfolio Bootcamp is an immersive three-weeks focused entirely on learn-by-doing; think of it as a side hustle to your existing career or education. This is a hands on Bootcamp and you'll join collaborative zoom classes each week.

During the bootcamp you'll develop your own Portfolio using Webflow and Notion. As well as showcasing your work, your portfolio will capture your personality and you'll use Hotjar to track visitors, get feedback, and uncover pain points. You'll use Webflow's CMS to create a scalable portfolio that can be updated at anytime.





Immersive weeks


Tribe members


Build a portfolio that showcases more than screenshots

Our Portfolio bootcamp is setup to make you learn how to build and iterate on your portfolio step-by-step with a practical curriculum that focuses 100% on learn-by-doing. Most portfolios gather dust and aren't a true representation of you or your workflow. Upon completion, you'll have built a portfolio that can be easily updated and improved with analytics.

Prepwork 📚

As well as meeting your classmates, you'll be asked to complete prepwork to get you up to speed on basic UX/UI components, tools, and principles.

  • Meet your classmates in Slack 👋
  • Create Webflow, Notion, and Hotjar accounts
  • Familiarise yourself with Webflow and gather work
  • Complete our reading list 📚
Week 1
Layout 💻

In the first week you'll get to know your classmates and get to grips with building a layout in webflow from hand drawn sketches. You'll also add a couple of analytics scripts to track your workflow.

  • Define the architecture of your portfolio
  • Build a series of re-usable page symbols
  • Create the navigation between each page
  • Sketch the flow and frames of your portfolio
  • Setup Hotjar to track your page 🔥
Week 2
Content ✏️

In the second week we focus on gathering and adding content to your portfolio using Webflow's CMS. You'll create a series of Notion pages that house your case studies, tools, and workflow.

  • Create case study, tool, and workflow pages in Notion ✍️
  • Genuinely write about your process
  • Define portfolio CMS items
  • Add portfolio content to CMS
Week 3
Interactions ⚡️

In the final week you'll transform your portfolio with Webflow's interaction. This week is an opportunity to master interactions and splash your own personality on your portfolio.

  • Add state changes to components
  • Create interactions to page sections
  • Setup Heatmaps and recordings to track your portfolio 📈
  • Splash your personality into your portfolio with colors and language.
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6


Weekly zoom classes and daily feedback in slack

Our Bootcamps are intense and It will be a lotta work. We pride ourselves on having a schedule that works for busy designers around the world. Every step of the way you'll receive support from your teacher, classmates, and our tribe! From zoom chats, to loom tutorials; we go the extra mile to help you learn.

Weekly intro
Intro to week
Receive an intro to the week's topic, tools, and tasks we'll be completing.
Zoom Class
12:00 - 13:00 BST
Jump on a collaborative zoom class which is presentation free, helping you learn-by-doing.
Design Task
Complete a series of practical design tasks, getting feedback from classmates, our tribe, and your teacher.
All day
Our Bootcamps are intense and we encourage students to take some much needed time away from the screen!


Zander Whitehurst

Founder of Memorisely
Hey! I'm the founder of Memorisely and have been a product designer for eight years. I studied at Oxford University, New York University, and was an early member of Hotjar's remote product design team. I'm a super enthusiastic teacher and love helping new designers grow 🙌


A modern toolstack

Our bootcamps are designed around the latest tools. Unlike corporate courses that have a fixed syllabus from decades past, we believe it's important to equip designers with the latest toolstack to excel in their career.

Webflow to build your portfolio
Notion to write case studies and copy
Loom to record work and describe case studies
Toggl to track your build velocity
Hotjar to track visitors and get feedback


Learn from anywhere

We believe learning is best done in the comfort of your own space. Instead of commuting to a classroom we encourage students to get comfy with a cuppa and learn from wherever they call home. We've had students join from their living room, camper vans, or cafes in Bali!


Join 10 designers around the world

Our class size makes our Bootcamp totally unique. Instead of learning alone, or teaching yourself from recorded videos we encourage you to collaborate with your classmates, brainstorm, and feedback together. Keeping class sizes to 10 ensures everyone gets to know each other on a personal basis. Motivation wise you'll have 9 other designers around the world to inspire you!

"Such a personal experience and great learning with designers around the world!"
Connor from UK 🇬🇧


Transparent pricing

Unlike every other Bootcamp or enterprise course, we don't believe in hiding pricing. We pride ourselves on making UX/UI accessible to learn and every Bootcamp is priced with research and feedback from our members. Memorisely is 100% Bootstrapped, so you'll sleep knowing your Bootcamp fee is going to making Memorisely awesome for others, not investors richer.


Join a class of 10 designers
Join Bootcamp Slack
Receive reading lists
Receive blog reading lists
Receive practical prep
Weekly UX/UI videos
Weekly Zoom class
Weekly UX/UI tasks
Graduate with UX/UI friends 🎉
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Filling up fast!

Our Bootcamps tend to fill up pretty quickly which is why we open up months in advance. And we purposefully limit class sizes to 10 designers to ensure each bootcamp offers a personal learning experience.

🎉 Full class
September 21st, 2020
6 places left
🎉 Full class
September 21st, 2020
6 places left
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Got a question?

Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. If you don't find an answer in our frequently asked question accordions below, I recommend firing an email with your questions to zander@memorisely.com
How many designers in a Bootcamp?
Each bootcamp has 10 designers. For us, it's important to keep these bootcamps super personal. This personal model ensures we can support and motivate 100% of students to graduate and have an awesome experience.
Do I need UX/UI experience?
We have experienced, junior designers, and folks switching careers to join bootcamps. The mix of designers keeps the learning diverse and those with experience typically step up to support junior designers. We try to craft a neat feedback loop for everyone.
How do I meet my classmates?
All learning is done remotely. Before the bootcamp you'll be invited to a private slack space to meet your classmates from around the world. Each week you'll join a zoom class together and throughout the bootcamp we encourage you to collaborate, and constantly feedback to learn-by-doing.
Why Memorisely vs others?
Two reasons.

Firstly, our bootcamps differ from typical online courses. Unlike online courses that are sold for having 60hr+ of video behind a paywall, Memorisely bootcamps are immersive learning experiences. These types of courses have a 12.6% completion rate, whereas we pride ourselves on measuring success with a 100% completion rate from students. So instead of trying to teach yourself by goggling at a video, you'll join a fun class and be taught.

Secondly, you'll be joining classmates around the world, motivating, collaborating and learning from each other. We consider these micro tribes, and together you'll graduate and likely remain design buddies for life 🙌
Why not General Assembly?
Unlike General Assembly or Flat Iron School whose courses are $18,000+, Memorisely Bootcamps are accessible in price.

Also, General Assembly was acquired for $413,000,000 by a HR firm, and the syllabus hasn't changed since their launch. Whereas, Memorisely is run by passionate product designers who believe in a learn-by-doing approach, using the latest products to help students excel in their careers. With Memorisely you're not just another number.
If you have any more questions at this stage, fire them across to zander@memorisely.com