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Our tribe of 1450+ UX/UI designers around the world means everything to us! Friendly, supportive and spread over 20 timezones.

1450+ UX/UI designers in 87 countries.

Our community has grown organically with members referring colleagues and UX/UI friends. We spend $0 on marketing campaigns and take pride in having the most diverse, and friendly UX/UI community in the world.

"It's a fantastic community that's super kind and always happy to help. I love that it's such a wide mix of experience, roles and countries ✌️"

UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Memorisely meetups around the world.

As well as connecting online, we meetup in person to discuss and learn UX/UI over a cold drink and some healthy food. It's a great opportunity to learn and have fun as a tribe.
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"The community. It’s by far the friendliest community I’ve come across. I love how the folks are thoughtful and thorough about giving tips to each other. Some of them literally write tips that are almost a blog post long!"

UX/UI Designer

Monthly UX/UI book club.

Every month as a tribe we read a new UX/UI book together. At the end of the month we jump on a zoom call to discuss, share notes, and learn from each other.
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As well as joining our global #tribe you'll connect with local UX/UI designers in your country. We are on a mission to have a tribe of designers in every country!

Tribe perks

Memorisely is built entirely with our communities feedback, so features and series are added based on demand.
Join hundreds of UX/UI around the world and connect with local designers.
Our Tribe is focused entirely on UX/UI design. We think this helps us thrive.
Access our tribe slack workspace and channels where you'll learn something everyday.
Join our UX/UI meetups in cities around the world and connect with local designers.
Ask for blunt and honest feedback on your workflow, sketches or prototypes.
Got a UX/UI question? Ask a member of our tribe who will respond super fast.
Find your dream UX/UI job on the Memorisely job board and receive alerts.
Book club
Read a book-a-month with our UX/UI book club who motivate each other.
Join the most talented tribe of UX/UI designers around the world.
Meet other new UX/UI designers who are just carving their path.
Connect with exprienced designers and find a UX/UI mentor.
Our Tribe is totally free and accessible to join. Plus, we are a super friendly bunch!

Join our UX/UI Tribe today for FREE.

We are totally transparent when it comes to pricing. Memorisely is 100% bootstrapped, ensuring we scale organically with our community vs investor demands. Learn more




Essential Features
Tribe Membership
Join our worldwide community of UX/UI designers who chat, answer questions and meetup around the world.
Monthly UX/UI Job Alerts
Receive monthly UX/UI job alerts helping you find your next dream on-site or remote job.
Memorisely Meetups
Be invited to one of our awesome Memorisely meetups around the world.
Access our tribe slack workspace and learn from UX/UI designers every day.
Tribe Slack
Book Club
Read a UX/UI book a month with our tribe who motivate each other.
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