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UX/UI Challenge
Ready to design components in Figma?
If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design
By SIR Ralf Speth
Take on our daily component challenge by designing a new component in Figma everyday.
Complete in Notion
Challenge Tips
  • Be organised with your layers
  • Create components in a single Components file
  • Utilise Figma's Auto-layout function
  • Experiment with Figma's variants!
  • Oh and do have fun! 🤸
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Challenge Timeline
Start Challenge!
1st Mar
Get started on our challenge as soon as you can. Share a screenshot of your daily writing challenge in our slack design challenge channel for feedback!
Stay Accountable
Tag @memorisely
1st - 31st Mar
During the month we encourage you to share your Microcopy in slack and post a snap of your writing everyday on Instagram. Be sure to tag @memorisely for us to feature your To to List.
💪 Habit formed
31st Mar
We encourage you to complete our UX Writing challenge everyday and gradually form a healthy habit of writing better content.
It's showtime!
5th May
At the end of the month we come together to share our case studies in our monthly showcase. It's a cool opportunity to learn how others solved the problem and for fun we throw a vote for our fave solution.
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Collaborate with UX/UI designers around the world!

We encourage you to join a small design team and work on the challenge together! It's a super fun way to work in a product design team around the world 🌎
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Build a UX/UI case study and flex your creativity without limitations

Our UX/UI case study challenges are made for new and experienced designers to showcase their workflow, experiment with the latest tools, and create something tangible for their portfolio.
New to UX/UI?
For new designers it's an opportunity to supercharge your portfolio and practice your skills whilst learning from others.
Experienced Designer?
For experienced designers it's an opportunity to unleash your skills, explore new tools without limitations, and hone in on an exciting problem away from work.

Showcase your designs and learn from others

At the end of the month we come together to discuss the UX/UI challenge and invite designers to showcase their case studies at our monthly mash. It's an awesome occasion to learn from other UX/UI designers and vocalise your design decisions.
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