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Our Story

So, why Memorisely?

We're doing things a little different, without VC money and with an awesome community in over 91 countries. Memorisely is an affordable, accessible way to learn UX/UI with designers around the world.
Founder of Memorisely
"Let's face it, learning UX/UI has never been accessible or affordable. For the last decade, courses have cost on average $15,000 and have been taught from classrooms in the priciest cities in the world. We're doing things a little different, without VC money, and with an awesome community in 91 countries around the world! Our goal is to make learning UX/UI affordable, and accessible for anyone.

With Memorisely, you're not paying thousands of dollars extra because we rented a classroom in a prime city location. You're also not paying big bucks to watch 60 hours of video and teach yourself (FYI - online video courses have a 12.6% completion rate). We connect you with 10 designers around the world and teach you live wherever you are with the latest real-time tools."
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Our Values

What makes Memorisely different

We're not driven by money or interested in becoming a mystical unicorn. We happily cut through the noise and teach designers personally, taking a 100% learn-by-doing approach with a zero powerpoint policy.


We're only interested in teaching principles, workflows, and tools live, bringing designers from around the world to learn together.


Always authentic
We hate shady marketing and believe raw authenticity and transparency is the key to any conversation or way of teaching.


Celebrate diversity
We listen and learn from our diverse community. It's the diversity of our community that makes Memorisely magic.


Stay sustainable
We're interested in creating a sustainable education business that invests in our community, team, and the world. Hence why we are fully bootstrapped.


Positive energy
We're great believers in emitting positive energy and being a kind human goes a huge way. We're proud to have the friendliest UX/UI community on the planet.


Waves before web
If the swell is good, drop everything and surf. Being remote, we encourage our team and tribe to grab time away from the screen and enjoy some fresh air everyday.

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