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Creative Confidence
By Tome Kelley
Invisibl Women
By Caroline Criado Perez
100 Things
By Susan M Weinschenk
Just Enough Research
By Erika Hall
No Interface
By Golden Krishna
By Nir Eyal
Atomic Habits
By James Clear
Made to Stick
By Chip Heath
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"What separates Memorisely for me is that it’s truly an invested community. People are constantly asking questions, sharing resources, and giving feedback without a sense of “what’s in it for me.” The content Zander creates is excellent, but the community he’s fostered is the real gold. It’s made me feel that I can travel just about anywhere now and link up with a Memorisely designer for a cold beer and a genuine conversation."
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"Memorisely is the best UX/UI design community. In here, I can find useful design resources and other designers here would always help each other whenever you have questions or ask for feedbacks.The most important thing is that, viewing these questions and discussions can fit so many of design knowledge gaps, which I can't find answers for from any other places"
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"Memorisely is an awesome community of designers striving to be the best they can and bring 10/10 design to everyone, everywhere"
Product Designer · 🇪🇸
"I've never ended a design book as fast as I did being part of the Book Club. It's a great way keep motivated and share your thoughts so you can get more points of views of the topic. Also, as I struggle a little with English thanks to the Book Club comments I can understand better the ideas in the book 😀"
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"Memorisely is a super encouraging, friendly group of designers at all stages of their UX journey. There is something to learn from everyone and we are powered along by the enthusiasm and technical nous of Zander!"
Product Designer · 🇷🇼
"If you’re looking for an active community of designers, Memorisely is for you. With memorisely, I get useful resources, I read with friends, I network with people in my tribe. Fun fact: If you post a message in any of the memorisely slack channels asking for Ui/Ux related help, you are guaranteed to get an answer from someone in less than 10minutes"
Product Designer · 🇮🇳
"Memorisely is a diverse design community with wickedly talented people driven by the infectious energy of Zander. It’s a great source of inspiration where anyone can improve their skills. I'm happy to be a part of this friendly tribe"
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Memorisely has been so inspiring to watch from the start. With a mission to teach and empower a global community of UX and UI designers, Memorisely seems like one of the few platforms or tribes to stay honest to its vision. You really feel like you’re part of a movement through it’s several collaboration channels. And it’s clear that Zander’s commitment and energy is a big reason why Memorisely has felt like such an organic and holistic approach to design pedagogy."
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
"Love the vibe of Memorisley as I see it as a little oasis 🏝 in what can be a pretty overwhelming and hectic world of product design!"

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