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👇 This Months challenge
This month we have a daily UX/UI Interview Challenge!  Each working day we will sharing potential interview question to ideate upon, asking for your top interview tips, plus on fun bonus challenges thrown in!
Each day we'll be sharing a FigJam board in our FREE slack community so that you can leave sticky notes on with your answers, tips or questions!
We'll be sharing the FigJam board along side the NEW question every weekday at 12 GMT every weekday! We can't wait to see your answers!
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How to Participate?

1. Design

Follow the instructions for each individual prompt. Some will encourage you to break out pen and paper, while some will challenge you to hop into Figma and test your skills!

2. Share

Join our super-inclusive Slack community to share your work, get inspired, and encourage others by posting in the  #weekly-design-challenge channel!