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Our Memorisers mean everything to us, and we dig fostering a friendly environment for eager UX/UI designers to learn, share, grow professionally and as a human beings with good energy.
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Memorisely Tribe Overview

We're kinda like a big friendly design team around the world.

Our UX/UI tribe began as a teenie tiny collective of solo UX/UI designers around the world. Working as a solo designer is a slog and out community became a sanctuary of positive energy, keeping folks accountable and motivated from Monday to Friday. From a tiny collective to the fastest growing UX/UI community on the planet. We consider ourselves a big, friendly design team around the world, motivating each other to be better designers and humans.
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Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"What separates Memorisely for me is that it’s truly an invested community. People are constantly asking questions, sharing resources, and giving feedback without a sense of “what’s in it for me.” The content Zander creates is excellent, but the community he’s fostered is the real gold. It’s made me feel that I can travel just about anywhere now and link up with a Memorisely designer for a cold beer and a genuine conversation."
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"Memorisely is the best UX/UI design community. In here, I can find useful design resources and other designers here would always help each other whenever you have questions or ask for feedbacks.The most important thing is that, viewing these questions and discussions can fit so many of design knowledge gaps, which I can't find answers for from any other places"
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
"Love the vibe of Memorisley as I see it as a little oasis 🏝 in what can be a pretty overwhelming and hectic world of product design!"
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Memorisely has been so inspiring to watch from the start. With a mission to teach and empower a global community of UX and UI designers, Memorisely seems like one of the few platforms or tribes to stay honest to its vision. You really feel like you’re part of a movement through it’s several collaboration channels. And it’s clear that Zander’s commitment and energy is a big reason why Memorisely has felt like such an organic and holistic approach to design pedagogy."
Product Designer · 🇪🇸
"I've never ended a design book as fast as I did being part of the Book Club. It's a great way keep motivated and share your thoughts so you can get more points of views of the topic. Also, as I struggle a little with English thanks to the Book Club comments I can understand better the ideas in the book 😀"
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"Memorisely is a super encouraging, friendly group of designers at all stages of their UX journey. There is something to learn from everyone and we are powered along by the enthusiasm and technical nous of Zander!"
Product Designer · 🇷🇼
"If you’re looking for an active community of designers, Memorisely is for you. With memorisely, I get useful resources, I read with friends, I network with people in my tribe. Fun fact: If you post a message in any of the memorisely slack channels asking for Ui/Ux related help, you are guaranteed to get an answer from someone in less than 10minutes"
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"Memorisely is an awesome community of designers striving to be the best they can and bring 10/10 design to everyone, everywhere"
Product Designer · 🇮🇳
"Memorisely is a diverse design community with wickedly talented people driven by the infectious energy of Zander. It’s a great source of inspiration where anyone can improve their skills. I'm happy to be a part of this friendly tribe"


Active daily members
Every month we welcome new members to our tribe from around the world


We're proud to have Memorisers innearly every country on the planet


In the last 3 months our members have had over 88,786 UX/UI conversations!
UX/UI Book Club

Form a healthy reading habit and read a UX/UI book-a-month

Every month our book club read a new UX/UI book together. You'll receive weekly nudges to keep progressing through the book. Our Book Club was formed to help folks start and actually finish books. Oh, and you can hop in on our weekly Clubhouse readings; Stephen Fry impressions encouraged! 
📚 Our fave books so far
100 Things
By Susan Weinschenk
May 2020
Outcomes Over Output
By Joshua Seiden
Jun 2020
Made to stick
By Chip & Dan Heath
Jul 2020
Just Enough Research
By Erika Hall
Aug 2020
Creative Confidence
By Tom & David Kelley
Sep 2020
By Nir Eyal
Oct 2020
Invisible women
By Caroline Criado Perez
Nov 2020
Atomic Habits
By James Clear
Jan 2021
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Slack Channels

We've got the answer to your UX/UI questions in slack

We've all been there. From trying to land your first UX/UI role to hitting the creative wall in Figma. Luckily we have a super engaged community who know the feelin' and take pride in answering your questions and helping you out. In the last 30 days our UX/UI tribe have had over 21,00 UX/UI conversations in our buzzing slack channel.
3k+ designers
Our #ux-ui-chat slack channel is open and is a hub of conversation, especially design chit chat. Our Memorisers ask questions, share experiences, and best practices to help others learn. There's no judgement as the most important skill a UX/UI designer can develop is ask more questions! 
3k+ designers
Keen to join more events? Well, our #ux-ui-events slack channel is open and is a flowing with virtual and in-person events for UX/UI designers to attend. As a community we host events every week and we encourage members to share links to other useful UX/UI talks, meet-ups, and conferences.
3k+ designers
Need feedback? Well, our #ux-ui-feedback slack channel is open and a safe space to get honest feedback on your work. Our community began as a spot for solo designers to support each other and we love seeing designs dropped in from around the world. Whenever you share UX/UI work for feedback we encourage you to define exactly what type of feedback you'd like.
3k+ designers
Looking for your first UX/UI job or a new challenge? Everyday new opportunities are shared in our open #ux-ui-jobs channel around the world. Given we are a fully remote community, most UX/UI roles posted are fully remote or partially. From opportunties at Google to Bootstrapped startups in Berlin, our jobs channel is thriving with opportunity so jump on in and grab your next UX/UI role.
3k+ designers
Need a new tune to fuel your creative energy? Every day our Memorisers share desk playlists in our #ux-ui-playlists channel. From chilled Indie vibes to Electro Jazz. Take your pick and enjoy a pick-me-up everyday. Our #ux-ui-playlists channel is our community version of Spotify's discover weekly.
3k+ designers
There's a lot of noise out there and we're grateful to all of our super active members who drop handy UX/UI resources into our #ux-ui-resources channel everyday. From super design team articles to the latest UX/UI tools in beta. Our resources channel is pumping with useful links to the best UX/UI resources.
Live class
Jump into our live class with designers
Spend time completing your weekly design tasks
Grab a 1:1 slot with your teacher for feedback
Design Critique
Receive feedback on your designs.
Weekly 1:1

Make a new UX/UI friend around the world every week!

Most folks join our community to connect with other likeminded UX/UI designers. As well as connecting about UX/UI in general, we encourage Memorisers to connect on a human level. Every week we setup 1:1 coffee calls with new members to quickly help you settle in and make UX/UI friends around the world
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Community Managers

Meet our team of super friendly community managers

LA Drury
Salt Lake City, USA 
"Hey! My name is LA, and I’m the Lead Community Manager at Memorisely.

I live among the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find me exploring in these mountains on sticks ⛷or in boots🥾 but my heart delights in discovering new wilderness

My furry pup shadows me to and fro’. And there’s no place I’d rather her be than right by my side 🐶

I love building communities that feel like family. Thanks for coming home to our Tribe. Let’s keep on learn and thriving together!

Let's chat
UX/UI design tools

Join our Notion, Figma, Miro, and Webflow Club

Within our tribe we are super grateful to have Memorisely Educators who take pride in helping others learn their fave tool. Each of our tool clubs have monthly meet-ups and super active slack channels.
Collaborative interface design tool used by remote design team to collaborate live.
All-in-one workspace for remote teams to organise their work, notes and design systems.
Real-time whiteboard used by remote design team to ideate and conduct workshops.
Webflow is a no-code tool for UX/UI designers that makes designing landing pages and products easy.
Memoriser Testimonials

Meet our UX/UI Tribe Members who make our community so special!

We're super proud to have an active community of 3,300 UX/UI designers in over 120 countries. We do our best to foster positive vibes and take pride in having a diverse and accessible community.
Product Designer · 🇮🇪
"Memorisely is both an amazing community of talented people from all parts of the globe and a platform that empowers designers with great knowledge and support. It's also a whole lot of fun!"
Product Designer · 🇨🇦
"The best community for designers to grow, learn, and have fun helping each other!"
Product Designer · 🇳🇱
"I mentioned it to a colleague yesterday as: A fun, informative online community with lots of positive vibes and plenty of new knowledge to share with other designers around the world."
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"The number one place for UX/UI Designers to get together, share experiences, learn and make connections!"
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"An amazing community of UX, UI and product designers learning from each other. Memorisely offers remote bootcamps and a free slack community with constant support and resources."
Product Designer · 🇩🇰
"Memorisely is an amazing community for people passionate about UX design, regardless of where they are in their journey. The tribe is a great source of inspiration for anyone that wants to improve their skills, have fun and meet like-minded people from all around the world!"

Our UX/UI Tribe is free to join.

All we ask is that you bring good energy to our community! If you gain value then we'd be grateful if you referred your colleagues and friends and pass on the good vibes for others to enjoy 🎉
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