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Meet our amazing Founding Members

Memorisely founding members were first to join our learning platform and guide our feature and class roadmap. They mean everything to us!

Clau Marin
🇷🇴 Product Designer
Margarita Kartashova
🇪🇸 Product Designer
Hanna Mittnezwei
🇩🇪 Product Designer
Brettley Ruggles
🇺🇸 Product Designer
Halszka Staniewicz
🇪🇸 Graphic Designer
Hannah Fox
🇬🇧 Web/UI designer
Brigitta Konieczna
🇨🇭 Web Designer
Yasmina Geagea
🇬🇧 Product Designer
Gillian McDevitt
🇺🇸 Product Designer
Emily Greaves
🇺🇸 Product Designer
Tuan Diep
🇺🇸 Senior Product Designer
Arianna Szederyesi
🇷🇴 Junior Product Designer
Lawrence Wallace
🇬🇧 Product Designer
Sandy Fung
🇺🇸 UX Designer
Jeff Miller
🇺🇸 UX Consultant
Nuno Simões
🇵🇹 Senior Product Designer
Samantha Ronjak
🇺🇸 Sr. Design Strategist
Cláudia Lordelo
🇵🇹 UI/UX Designer
Kalli Pouliadou
🇸🇪 Product Designer
Matt Fouty
🇺🇸 Graphic Designer
Alissa Fioretto
🇺🇸 Product Designer
Gabriela M. Rondón
🇻🇪 UX/UI Designer
Neha Paralkar
🇺🇸 UI/UX Designer
Tom O'Hagan
🇬🇧 UX/UI Designer
Beatrice Cavani
🇮🇹 Senior Product Designer
Urszula Gebska
🇵🇱 Product Designer
Emilie Chatelas
🇫🇷 Graphic Designer
Steffan Morris Hernandez
🇬🇧 Product Designer
Jovet Jackson
Jordan Luevano
🇺🇸 Product Designer
Edmond Jreige
🇱🇧 Product Designer
Lalo Gonzalez
🇵🇪 Product Designer
Estefanía Zambrano
🇪🇸 Lead Product Designer
Neda Sibalic
🇷🇸 Senior UX/UI Designer
Sierra Ching
🇺🇸 Product Designer
Sourish Kadam
🇮🇳 Product Designer
Priyanka Adhikari
🇮🇳 Product Designer
Carolina Astaburuaga
🇨🇱 Senior UX/UI Designer
Anton Reznichenko
🇵🇱 Senior UX/UI Designer
Angela Moody
🇺🇸 Freelance UX/UI Designer
Urška Čokelj
🇸🇮 UX/UI Designer
Francisco Perez
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Graphic Designer
Emmanuel Macedo
🇲🇽 Product Designer
Elina Bazinas
🇬🇷 Product Designer
Viki Kavallari
🇸🇪 Product Designer
Bobby Shaw
🇺🇸 Product Designer
Nats Cavazos
🇲🇽 Graphic Designer
Nicole Chalmers
🇺🇸 UX/UI & Visual Designer
Jacob Watkins
🇺🇸 Product Designer
Rajul Naik
🇮🇳 Product Designer
Ayobami Akande
🇳🇬 Web Designer
Ildikó Enikő Mészáros
🇭🇺 UI Designer
Michelle Oros
🇺🇸 Product Designer
Luisa Barbero
🇮🇹 UX/UI Designer
Rachel Finn
🇺🇸 UX Designer
Akhil Noone
🇨🇦 Product Designer
Valentina Miguelena
🇦🇷 UX/UI Designer
Surinder Thakur
🇮🇳 UX/UI Design Manager
Clark Saxby
🇨🇦 Product Designer
Nicholas Charland
🇺🇸 Web Designer
Mykola Korzh
🇺🇦 UX/UI Designer
Charné Myburgh,
🇿🇦 UX/UI Designer
Stephanie Jong
🇬🇧 Senior Brand Designer
Melody Onyeocha
🇳🇬 Product Designer
Carly Nichols
🇺🇸 Senior UX Designer
Magdalena Ponarad
🇵🇱 Gamedev UX Designer
Caleb Gregory
🇦🇺 Product Designer
🇺🇸 Designer
Allan Black
🇬🇧 UX/UI Designer
🇮🇳 Product Designer
Nilay Nishit
🇮🇳 Product Designer
Alexander Wauer
🇵🇪 UX/UI Designer
Mark Brockhurst
🇺🇸 Product Designer
🇬🇧 Product Theysigner
Kennet Tardivo
🇬🇧 Product Designer
Pablo Gomez
🇪🇸 Product Designer
Ruth Zehntner
🇲🇽 Product Designer
Lana Jakovljevic
🇷🇸 UX/UI Designer
Duda Zacaro
🇧🇷 UI & Product Designer
Alex Bird
🇺🇸 Lead Product Designer
Peter Stolk
🇳🇱 UX/UI Designer
Batu Akin
🇮🇹 UX/UI Designer
Mateusz Kruhlik,
🇵🇱 Product Designer
Hernan Casabella
🇦🇷 UX/UI Designer
Luis Veloz
🇲🇽 Product Designer
Carlos Lucero
🇨🇱 Product Designer
Martin Windsor
🇩🇰 Multimedia Designer
Cameron Schroeder
🇦🇺 Founder
Boglárka Caup
🇭🇺 Product Strategist
Kassandra Gibbons
🇺🇸 UX/UI Designer
Rachel Canlas
🇺🇸 UX/UI Designer
Celeste Egedy
🇺🇸 Product Designer
Xavier Coiffic
🇲🇺 IxD Designer
udhayan udhai
🇮🇳 UX Lead
margarida oliveira
🇵🇹 UX/UI Designer
Marta Strachocka
🇵🇱 Digital Designer
🇺🇸 Product Designer


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