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Bitesize learning for modern design routines.


The problem

New designers are busy. Super busy. The average UX / UI course costs $10,000 and their syllabus are out of sync with designing products today.
Hats off to any self taught designers. However, this is a slow and splintered learning experience split between multiple products.

The solution

Make learning UX / UI accessible, relevant and a daily habit.


The problem

Experienced designers are busy. Super busy. They may have studied UX / UI or design in general but retaining everything is hard.
Experienced designers often have a learning budget, which is rarely spent because courses are too long, general and expensive.

The solution

Make recapping UX / UI affordable, relevant and a daily habit.

Here's how it all started.

Meet Zander

After studying at Oxford and NYU*, Zander had been a successful product designer for 7 years in NYC, London, Sydney and remotely for startups including @yieldify and @hotjar.
*After NYU, Zander was named one of the top Young British Entrepreneurs for founding the first contactless donation platform; Common Pence.
Zander had plenty to share from his educational and professional experience with the design community

With Medium's landslide in quality control, and design courses - GA, Flat Iron - charging $10,000 for a 5 day course, he saw an opportunity to fit valuable micro-learning habits into modern design routines.

He created a no code microlearning MVP

Using Instagram, Zander created micro UX/UI design series to upskill new and experienced designers.

Sharing micro UX/UI design posts, stories and quizzes, Zander grew the community from 0 to 30,000 designers in 3 months. Confirming his hypothesis that there was a global demand for microlearning.

A quick poll revealed 98% of the new and experienced designers would use a microlearning design product.

In 3 months he grew a community of 30,000 designers.

MVP Analytics

Analytics provided by Instagram and gathered over 3 months.


Design Followers


Avg Post Impressions


Avg Post Reach


Avg Post Saves


New Designers


Experienced Designers





Every month of the MVP he created a $19 Micro Book and Kit to fund memorisely.

Each micro book was 64 pages, organised into 8 chapters and marketed only through Instagram.

Included in each Micro Book was a customisable design kit so designers could learn, memorise and practice.

Micro Book Analytics

Analytics provided by Gumroad


Copies sold




Marketing budget



After a successful MVP, Zander went on to design & build the memorisely alpha.


Memorisely is designed and built with honest, actionable values.

1. Community first

2. For busy designers

3. Feedback, early and often

4. Be present

Want to help shape memorisely with an awesome design community?
Join the conversation on Instagram: @memorisely

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Join 30,000 busy UX/UI designers who have introduced micro-learning to their design routine.
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