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Our community is totally free to join and we're a tight knit bunch of friendly designers and dev who grow together with good energy

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Memorisely Community

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MEmorisely Community

Chat in slack and connect at city meetups

Our community is totally free to join and we're a tight knit bunch of friendly designers and dev who grow together with good energy

Memorisely community

Meet our Members in 150+ countries

Our community means everything to us and we invest plenty of energy into connecting designers and devs around the world


Malaysia 🇲🇾

The main problem I face in UX/UI Design is designating time to solely learn more about UX/UI. This is where Memorisely and the Slack community come into play. I legitimately learn a surprising amount simply by following the interactions and questions from other members.


United Kingdom 🇬🇧

I have been in a couple of online UX communities and Memorisely is definitely the best. There is really something for everyone in this community; and, as a remote UX designer working without a team, it is a great way to meet like-minded people. What sets Memorisely apart is the engagement in the channels and the meetups, no community rivals it in this respect.


Malaysia 🇲🇾

Memorisely is marvelous because of the community. It attracts generous and helpful people with this really cool and genuine wonderful energy that defines its identity.


Canada 🇨🇦

My top suggestion to designers is to join Memorisely — it will help build your network and you can make amazing new friends that will last a lifetime.


United States 🇺🇸

Memorisely has given me the opportunity to be a part of a community of UXers, with the space to collaborate, give back, and pay it forward on a daily basis. Through Memorisely’s meetups and Slack channels, I’ve been able to connect with people all over the world to learn from and contribute to their journey in UX!


Denmark 🇩🇰

I love Memorisely for its great, helpful community of UX/UI designers making it possible to connect with other designers all around the world.


India 🇮🇳

Memorisely is a diverse design community with wickedly talented people driven by the infectious energy of Zander. It’s a great source of inspiration where anyone can improve their skills. I'm happy to be a part of this friendly community.


Australia 🇦🇺

Memorisely is the best UX/UI design community. Here, I can find useful design resources and other designers here would always help each other whenever you have questions or ask for feedback. The most important thing is that viewing these questions and discussions can fit so many of design knowledge gaps, which I can't find answers to from any other places.


Australia 🇦🇺

Memorisely is a super encouraging, friendly group of designers at all stages of their UX journey. There is something to learn from everyone and we are powered along by the enthusiasm and technical nous of Zander!


Spain 🇪🇸

Love the vibe of Memorisley as I see it as a little oasis in what can be a pretty overwhelming and hectic world of product design!


Australia 🇦🇺

Memorisely is an awesome community of designers striving to be the best they can and bring 10/10 design to everyone, everywhere.


Spain 🇪🇸

I've never ended a design book as fast as I did being part of the Book Club. It's a great way to keep motivated and share your thoughts so you can get more points of view on the topic. Also, as I struggle a little with English thanks to the Book Club comments I can understand better the ideas in the book.


United States 🇺🇸

What separates Memorisely for me is that it’s truly an invested community. People are constantly asking questions, sharing resources, and giving feedback without a sense of “what’s in it for me.” The content Zander creates is excellent, but the community fostered is the real gold. It’s made me feel that I can travel just about anywhere now and link up with a Memorisely designer for a cold beer and a genuine conversation.


Memorisely Story

Memorisely is an accessible & enjoyable way to learn online

We're doing things a little different, without VC money and with an awesome community in over  countries. Memorisely is an accessible way to learn with designers and developers around the world

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Our values

Community first

Our community have supported us since day one and they mean everything to us. Everyday we foster inclusivity.

Always authentic

We hate shady marketing and believe raw authenticity and transparency is the key to any conversation or way of teaching.

Celebrate diversity

We listen and learn from our diverse community. It's the diversity of our community that makes Memorisely magic.

Stay sustainable

We setup Memorisely as a sustainable company that scales through word of mouth without a penny spent on paid advertising

Positive Energy

We're great believers in emitting positive energy and being a kind human goes a huge way.

Waves before web

If the swell is good, drop everything and surf. Being remote, we encourage our team to treausre the outdoors above anything else

Teach live

Given the speed our industry moves, we're championing teaching live to ensure everything we teach is inline with the latest release


We're a team who teach and learn-by-doing. We prefer to fail fast than plan and never achieve anything.