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Educating leading product design teams in 150+ countries

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Build career skills and confidence

Access 100+ actionable UX/UI classes designed to help you learn-by-doing with practical exercises

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Learning Series

Focused learning paths

Memorisely video learning series helps you build a healthy learning habit and progressively build skills

Ux/UI Classes

Actually learn-by-doing

Each Memorisely technical UX/UI class has a practical exercise file to help you learn-by-doing, helping you build skills and retain knowledge

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New UX/UI classes added every week

Memorisely clas roadmap is guided by our members and every week we add new classes and series to help you continuously learn.

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UI Design

Build confidence in UI and visual design with Figma as an interface design and prototyping tool


UX Research

Understand the latest UX research techniques for forming actionable insights


Design Systems

Understand the fundamentals of building and scaling a Design System in Figma


Ai Design

Learn prompt design and how to embed Ai into your workflow with ChatGPT


Motion Design

Build confidence in adding motion and animation to your prototypes and components


Agile Design

Understand how to work in an Agile Product team  and better estimate design tasks



Build confidence in articulating your design and getting buy in from stakeholders


Continuous learning for Product Design Teams

The cost to train your team is a fraction of the cost to replace them. We work with leading Product Design Teams around the world to train their teams

Train your team


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Is the cost to continously train your team with Memorisely


Video classes

Access hundreds of UX/UI video classes teaching the latest skills


Learning series

Education that works for Juniors and Leads with a range of UX/UI learning series


Exercise files

Ensure your team retain knowledge and learn-by-doing with actionable exercise files


Track progress

Track your teams progress and guide each of your designers training paths

Memorisely MEMBERS

Trusted by thousands

Accelerate your career with thousands of designers around the world who learn with Memorisely and guide our roadmap

Clau Marin
🇷🇴 Product Designer
I loved the onboarding and the attention to details at every point in the app. The whole product feels very premium, especially the certificates that are given after you finish, and the cherry on top, you get to download these to share it on your socials! And almost forgot, Good vibesss ⚡
Margarita Kartashova
🇪🇸 Product Designer
I find the format so great for my situation. Alongside working full-time I am a mom of a newborn so it’s been really hard to block time for education. So with the 5 to 15-minute classes on very specific topics, I actually get to learn-by-doing!
Halszka Staniewicz
🇪🇸 Graphic Designer
The 5-10 minute classes have been an absolute game-changer; their clarity and coherence eliminate the need to pause videos repeatedly and allow me to grasp concepts swiftly and effectively.
Yasmina Geagea
🇬🇧 Product Designer
What I like about the classes is that they're just the right length and help you focus on micro-learning through consistency. The practical topics have practice files with exercises to help you consistently practice the topic covered.
Gillian McDevitt
🇺🇸 Product Designer
The Memorisely platform hits the right balance between encouraging your curiosity and drive for continuous professional development while keeping you immersed in a supportive community full of creatives!
Lawrence Wallace
🇬🇧 Product Designer
The Memorisely platform is a great learning experience! The team have done a fantastic job building a slick product that delivers supa high-quality content in a digestible and fun format.
Sandy Fung
🇺🇸 UX Designer
I wholeheartedly appreciate Memorisely's on-demand video classes, which not only provide an engaging learning experience with up-to-date content but also significantly contribute to furthering my knowledge in the field of UX.
Nuno Simões
🇵🇹 Senior Product Designer
The Memorisely app will significantly improved the learning curve for designers, and for me, it’s a platform where I can stay updated. I’m confident that I’ll discover all the new things here and can easily find what I need.
Matt Fouty
🇺🇸 Graphic Designer
There are many stretches in my working life when I don't have time for a boot camp but I have a strong desire to keep learning and sharpening my skills. This new platform allows me to break off my learning into bite-sized chunks that fit in with whatever else I've got going on that day.


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