Our Story

Our Story

Hey, I'm Zander!

If you've got a couple of minutes I'd love to share the story of how Memorisely was born. It's been an awesome journey as a solo founder and I couldn't have done it without the support of the Memorisely Tribe ❤️

Remote is the norm

Remote was gaining in popularity, and is now the norm

Since 2015, I'd been a remote product designer for Hotjar and other SaaS startups around the world. I fell in love with the the efficiency of distributed teams. Over five years the quantum shift in real-time software has made it possible to collaborate instantly in any timezone. Nobody could predict, but the corona virus pandemic shifted 89% of the world's working population to work from home. This unlocked the potential of remote globally...

Big Problem

Reading Medium isn't learning, plus General Assembly is outdated and crazily priced

I've never felt comfortable learning on Medium. I get what Medium is trying to do by aggregating writing from many sources and sell a broad subscription, but this broad approach lacks consistent teaching and relies 100% on self-learning. To add to this I've always been shocked at how General Assembly and others price their part-time courses closer to property prices than further learning. These enterprise courses teach outdated workflows, tools, and are inaccessibly priced.

Micro Experiment

Introducing *Atomic Learning to UX/UI Designers

Like you, I'm a designer of habit. I think routines offer a healthy framework to learn and grow and I wanted to pair this routine with micro-learning to test whether designers enjoyed learning smaller chunks on a regular basis. In 3 months I grew a community of 30,000 UX/UI designers on Instagram by creating chaptered carousels, and fun quizzes on stories to test retention.
* I'm currently writing my first book: Atomic Learning

Memorisely Tribe

Bringing UX/UI designers together with Slack

The experiment was a success and although I'd formed a decent 1:1 relationship with a lotta designers, I saw an opportunity to connect designers in a shared space. I formed a slack space and in a few months we had 1,500 designers from 87 countries in our Tribe. Designers learned from each other, asking questions and getting feedback. Out of this, we created a monthly Book-Club for busy designers to start and complete a new book-a-month.

Micro Club

Atomic learning on a monthly basis for busy designers

Having proven my atomic learning hypothesis on Instagram I formed a monthly microlearning club. UX/UI designers pay a monthly or annual subscription to join the club and learn a new principle each month with a Micro eBook in Notion and supporting templates in tools like Figma, and Webflow. This atomic approach to learning monthly appeales to UX/UI designer who are constantly trying to grow.

Remote Bootcamps

An accessible, modern alternative to General Assembly

So with daily, and monthly learning occurring I felt it was time to offer an accessible alternative to General Assembly. So I created Remote Bootcamps for classes of 10 designers. These part-time Bootcamps champion the latest tool-stack to equip product designers with the skills and mindset to thrive now and in the future.

Getting started

It's just the beginning!

The goal of Memorisely is to create the number one remote product design school in the world, with accessible learning plans for new and experienced UX/UI designers. It's only a been a few months, but we're fired up to continue building the Memorisely team, our community, and our learning plans around the world 🌎

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We are on a mission to build grow the largest community of UX/UI learners around the world and a sustainable remote product design school.
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Why I love Memorisely

"Memorisely has been so inspiring to watch from the start. With a mission to teach and empower a global community of UX and UI designers, Memorisely seems like one of the few platforms or tribes to stay honest to its vision. You really feel like you’re part of a movement through it’s several collaboration channels. And it’s clear that Zander’s commitment and energy is a big reason why Memorisely has felt like such an organic and holistic approach to design pedagogy."
James from USA 🇺🇸