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Here's how it all started, meet Zander.

Zander studied at Oxford and New York University before founding the first charitable contactless donation platform - Common Pence. With 7 years UX/UI experience in London, Sydney, and remotely Zander felt inclined to share his learnings with other designers.

Designers are busy, plus UX/UI content is dispersed and inaccessible.

Before diving in to creating yet another Medium publication or youtube channel, Zander researched the UX/UI learning market. He quickly learnt how dispersed, inconsistent and inaccessible UX/UI content was. Hefty blog posts and 60hr video courses felt big bang for busy designers, whose routine was iterative and rapid. Zander saw an opportunity to accelerate UX/UI learning habits.

He saw an opportunity to accelerate UX/UI learning habits.

Taking inspiration from Headspace and Blinkist, Zander developed an incremental hypothesis that designers micro-learning everyday would accelerate their UX/UI learning habits.

Zander tested his hypothesis for 3 months; creating bitesize UX/UI carousels, quizzes, and tool templates that he consistently posted on Instagram. In 3 months he grew a UX/UI learning community from 0 to 30,000 designers.

From 0 to 30,000 UX/UI designers in 3 months.

With his micro-learning hypothesis proven, Zander began building the Memorisely Beta to help busy designers learn UX/UI in minutes.

Learning the importance of community, transparency, and feedback from Instagram, he formed the Memorisely Tribe to connect designers around the world. In a few months the Memorisely Tribe had hundreds designers in over 56 countries. Memorisely scaled from a learning product for busy designers, to the largest UX/UI learning community in the world.

A remote UX/UI course for modern designers.

With the Memorisely Beta growing, Zander saw a gap in Memorisely not catering for new designers or those wanting to shift careers into UX/UI. He was shocked that course syllabus were identical to when he'd studied 10 years prior, and fees had inflated to $14,000 for an on-site course!

With demand from the remote Memorisely Tribe, Zander created an accessible 8 week part-time UX/UI course to upskill designers in their current job or help other change career and become a UX/UI designer.

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