Hey! I'm Zander, a remote product designer and founder of Memorisely.

If you've got a couple of minutes I'd love to share the story of how Memorisely has grown as a bootstrapped startup. It's been an awesome journey as a solo founder and I couldn't have done it without the support of Memorisers around the world ✌️

Designers shouldn't have to pay $15,000+ to learn UX/UI in a prime city location.

For the past decade, digital product design has been taught from classrooms in prime city locations around the world. Students pay a hefty premium (we're talking $15,000+) to learn UX/UI skills from powerpoints in a class of 40 students. Syllabus and tools have remained fixed for years and courses are typically taught by inexperienced designers who happen to be available.

Our solution is to make learning UX/UI accessible online

We're trading classrooms in expensive cities for virtual classrooms, allowing anyone in the world to learn together. We're limiting class sizes to fifteen, ensuring every student gets a genuinely personal learning experience. We're pricing our Bootcamps affordably, inline with how education should be.

We're applying our years of experience in designing products remotely to teaching, ensuring students are taught by active designers who are passionate to educate. We're constantly updating our curriculum with the latest remote workflows and tools, ensuring students pickup decent habits and learn what's relevant in the industry today.

Rewind to becoming a remote UX/UI designer in 2016

In 2016 I traded my office UX/UI job in London for a fully remote role with Hotjar. Whilst at Hotjar I learned a tonne from the five founders about running a remote business, collaborating in real-time with team mates, and working on the move.

Jump to 2019 and working remotely in Sydney

Following Hotjar, I applied my remote learning to Eedi, a remote Ed-tech startup backed by Lego Ventures. Being the solo designer in the team was challenging, but I fell in love with education and working remotely. In 2019, my partner and I moved to Sydney in search of the perfect remote lifestyle.

Growing a community of 30,000 UX/UI designers in 3 months

Following a surfing accident in Sydney and during my long rehabilitation, I found inspiration in teaching and became hooked on sharing my UX/UI knowledge with others. Bored of Medium and fascinated by the efficiency of Blinkist, I landed on creating carousels in Instagram (before it was a trend) to share a daily UX/UI tip.

In 3 months I grew a community of 30,000 designers and I loved sharing suggestions and learning from others. The earliest memorisers have inspired and continue to be active members of Memorisely. Below is a snap of my first ever 1:1 session with Pem in Sydney.

2,200+ Memorisers in over 108 countries

With most conversations occurring 1:1 I felt a need to bring these awesome designers together to learn from each other. Shifting energy from Instagram into Slack transformed Memorisely into what it is today. Unlike other online design communities who aren't welcoming or consider themselves exclusive, the Memorisely Tribe is the friendliest and most diverse bunch of designers on the planet. Most days designers share articles, ask questions, and we now have Ambassadors in most countries around the world who champion our values. It's a super positive vibe and everyone helps each other out.

The Memorisely Tribe was a bi-product of the original vision, but it taught me the power of learning together. Having originally planned to build a micro-learning product for designers to learn in isolation, I pivoted Memorisely to be human first and applied my learning as a remote product designer to teaching, forming remote UX/UI Bootcamps for classes of 20 designers to learn together live.

Live online UX/UI Bootcamps with micro classes around the world

Being presentation free, our online Bootcamps take a learn-by-doing approach, with designers collaborating live in the latest real-time design tools. It's been an amazing journey to date as a solo founder and we've got a 100% completion rate with 5/5 reviews from all of our alumni! Unlike others, Memorisely is 100% remote, 100% bootstrapped and on a mission to help new and experienced designers transition into working effectively as remote UX/UI Designers.
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We're growing sustainably as a fully remote startup

I'm hugely grateful to the Memorisely Tribe who continue to inspire me everyday, our Ambassadors who champion our values around the world, our UX/UI students who jump into our live classes and bring awesome energy, and our Alumni who are designing the products of the future and referring colleagues and friends to Memorisely to learn!

So there you have it, the story of how Memorisely began. If you can relate to our story, and align with our values then I encourage you to learn with us or join our remote team!

Ready to become a UX/UI designer?

As you'll have gathered, we're open and honest and would love to have you join our next Bootcamp!
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