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Hi, I'm Zander!

"We're on a mission - with hands down the best UX/UI community around the world - to make learning UX/UI accessible and affordable for all."

If you've got a couple of minutes I'd love to share the story of how Memorisely has grown as a 100% Bootstrapped startup. It's been an awesome journey as a solo founder and I couldn't have done it without the Memorisely Tribe ❤️

Educating generation remote

Community first

100% Remote

Our remote story

2015 - present

🌴 Working remotely for five years

Since 2015, I'd been a remote product designer for Hotjar and other SaaS startups around the world. I fell in love with the the efficiency of distributed teams. Over five years the quantum shift in real-time software made it possible to collaborate instantly in any timezone. Nobody could predict, but the corona virus pandemic shifted 89% of the world's working population to work from home. Remote had been gaining momentum, and we've now entered what I defined as 'generation remote'.
Late 2019

✏️ 30,000 UX/UI designers in 3 months

Determined to Bootstrap Memorisely, my first focus was on growing a community and equally testing my teaching ability! It's one thing designing products, it's another to teach others how. The first Memorisely experiment focused on testing my teaching capabilities and growing a UX/UI community around the world. In 3 months I grew a community of 30,000 UX/UI designers who learned a new UX/UI principle everyday via Instagram. This zero-code approach to learning confirmed my hypothesis that UX/UI design could be taught from anywhere in the world.
Feb 2020

🌎 1800+ UX/UI designers in 91 countries

With content and community proven it was time to shift away from 1:1 communication to collective conversation. In February 2020 I created a Memorisely slack community for UX/UI designers to connect, get feedback, and learn from each other. In a few weeks the MEmorisely Tribe was formed and we quickly scaled to 1750+ UX/UI designers in 91 countries
May 2020

👋 Memorisely Ambassadors around the world

With designers around the world joining everyday, I recognised an opportunity to connect local designers in their own country. With meet-ups delayed due to Covid:19 we introduced Memorisely Ambassadors, who championed our values in each country. Every month we catch up, and brainstorm on how to make Memorisely better and more accessible. I'm forever grateful for their support and the goal is to have micro teams in every country in the world.
June 2020

 🚀 Our UX/UI Bootcamp kicks off

On June 22nd our first UX/UI Bootcamp kicked off with 10 designers around the world. Every week students collaborate in Miro, share feedback, complete tasks, and build a practical case study with the latest tools. The quality of work, conversations, and energy is sky high and based on feedback, our Remote Bootcamps are changing the future of online learning.
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The big problem

UX/UI courses are unaffordable, impersonal, outdated, and inaccessible.

Problem 1


Problem 2


Problem 3


Problem 4


Our solution

Memorisely makes UX/UI accessible and affordable for all

Solution 1

💸 Affordable

Problem 2

👋 Personal

Problem 3

💡 Current

Problem 4

🌎 Accessible

UX/UI Bootcamp

Join a class of 10 designers around the world, and learn the skills of a junior UX/UI designer with the latest skills and a super motivated teacher.
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Part-Time Weeks
Following the design thinking framework in 6 part-time weeks


Join an intimate class of 10 designers around the world


UX/UI Designers
Get feedback and learn from our tribe of 1700 UX/UI designers.


UX/UI Tools
Master the latest UX/UI tools and form a real case study