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Memorisely is an online tech campus educating career switchers and product teams in UX/UI Design & coding
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Online Tech Campus

Educating career switchers & product teams

We're super proud to educate folks switching into tech careers and upskilling teams in the industry.

Learn-by-doing with a micro class of designers

Memorisely is an affordable, accessible way to learn UX/UI online with designers around the world. We connect you with 20 designers around the world and teach you live with the latest real-time design tools.

Why learn live with Memorisely?


For context, typical online courses have a 12.6% completion rate. We're proud to have a 100% completion rate.


Average review
The main goal of our Bootcamps is to ensure designers learn-by-doing and have a bunch of fun in the process.


Our alumni are dotted around the world and our 2000+ graduated designers are in 91+ countries.  


Live Bootcamp
Memorisely is the number one online and live UX/UI Design Bootcamp with a trusted community of 150,000 designers.


From our experience and feedback, 20ish folks is the perfect class size for bringing designers together to learn with each other.


We've taught over 500 UX/UI Designers live and our awesome alumni have gone on to work with Google, Pinterest, and NASA!


UX/UI community
We've grown an organic community of 150,000 UX/UI Designers in over 150+ countries who support our vision and way of teaching.


We're fully bootstrapped and take pride in growing organically to ensure we serve our community vs an investor's interest.

Meet our Bootcamp Alumni from around the world

We're proud to upskill UX/UI designers online from around the world in the latest workflows, and tools. Learn how designers from around the world enjoyed learning online with Memorisely.
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
UX Designer · 🇨🇦
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
UX Designer · 🇫🇷
UX Designer · 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Memorisely has reinforced what I've known as a UI/UX designer and has enabled me to challenge my own assumptions to become a better designer by teaching today's latest tools with a hands-on approach to problem solving, creative thinking, and design."
Product Designer · 🇹🇱
"The bootcamp has helped me gain understanding and confidence about my role as a Product Designer. I now have a clearer vision of the processes I should be implementing into my workflows."
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Do it! It’s designed to support you to be successful. The folks in the course genuinely care and you’ll gain so many skills. The content is well organized and I have learned so much in a short amount of time. Would highly recommend!"
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
"Remote work has never been so popular, and I can't think of a better time to take the UX/UI Bootcamp. Being able to learn different skills for your process and to collaborate with others while doing live exercises with people from around the globe is just a great experience."
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
"Fun dynamic environment and an opportunity to learn from others. Join now! :)"
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"The live-learning approach can't be beat. Zander keeps things engaging and your classmates hold you accountable! The culture couldn't be better."
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Honestly Memorisely just functions so differently compared to other bootcamps. It’s authentic, updated frequently to keep up with the fast-paced evolving industry, and the community is amazing!! Made some really good friends :)"
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"It's the live classes for me. They're super engaging and it's great that you guys are almost always available. Personally, it's pretty close to being the perfect balance of autonomy vs assistance. There's plenty of work to complete too. Also, my designer neighbor is impressed with the work so that's reassuring!"
Product Designer · 🇫🇷
It was just very nice to be in a learning space with people from all over the world. I think in general the vibe is super positive. Feels like a safe space to me. The classes are very well designed for interaction with each other so its easy to follow and stay focus. Even tired and late at night 🙈"
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Memorisely has been an excellent experience! Zander has put together an excellent, no frills, course that is highly engaging paired with an extremely welcoming environment. After each class I feel like I have a solid understanding of the lesson, and I'm able to take that into the design tasks."
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Do it! It will open up opportunities to dive deeper into tools and design concepts, to work with other designers, and to take on a new career change"
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"I thought the prep task was a really nice exercise to do before starting the bootcamp and to get all participants in the design mindset before kicking off. The live sessions are my favorite because of how engaging they are and getting to just jump in and learn by doing."
Product Designer · 🇨🇦
"Very customised and super welcoming. I love the small class size and the process. Do it... do it now 😆"
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Are you ready? Hold on! You're going to dive in and learn skills you've been dreaming of mastering and skills you didn't even know you'd need in an engaging and collaborative format."
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"The Bootcamps are small and friendly. It's accessible for beginners, but also has tons to offer for those at different points in their career looking to flesh out certain skills or tools."
Product Designer · 🇮🇪
"I’ve done my fair share of courses, but this is by far the most engaged online community I’ve ever been a part of. The hands-on group projects are a fantastic way to help push each other forward while networking remotely – other boot camps having you working by yourself like a hermit!"
Product Designer · 🇸🇬
"My experience with the Bootcamp have been nothing but positive - The duration of this Bootcamp is very suitable and accommodating to my schedule as well as it is not too long or short.At the same time, I needed a refresher for UX to upgrade my skills and was intrigued by the course content so that I can be more confident as a designer."
Product Designer · 🇫🇷
"Do it. Especially if you want to feel part of a community / team / class. And if you're an introvert, go for it too. You'll feel at ease in a small group, and get to see and work the different phases of a design thinking project."
Product Designer · 🇸🇮
"Because of the normal price, the small class size and I think it gave me a more friendly, personal vibe, on other course students seems like a number in the class.And I think it also helps that I was before already in the Slack community, which I really like. :)"
Product Designer · 🇫🇷
"Immersive experience, high-end methodology based on learning by doing. I can safely say this is the best bootcamp for everyone who is looking to become a digital designer or even just for enhancing its skills."
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
"Rewarding and so much fun, you're surrounded by talented people who inspire you to work harder."
Product Designer · 🇨🇦
"I've honestly never had a more positive classroom experience. The instruction is top-notch, we learn skills and do work that we're proud to share, and the community is second to none 💪."
Product Designer · 🇨🇦
"Fast-paced study and friendly environment.
The curriculum is very well done and you do amazing work! Also, it is so much fun to study with people all around the world."
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
"The small class size, the learning process and the teacher's enthusiasm is the perfect way to immerse in to the UX/UI field."
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
"Do it! You're working with the most up to date processes, tools, and best practices whilst collaborating with other designers all done in a positive vibe. Your confidence as a designer will grow."
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Learning the fundamental of creating components and the overall design system with people around the world."
Product Designer · 🇩🇪
"Learning and having fun at the same time :). Chance to collaborate with great people. You will learn and have a great time with people from all over the world."
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"Do it, it's great having a live session with other designers around the globe and working together, learning and asking questions. Zander is a cool dude has really positive and good vibes, and its a fun class to be part of."
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
"The amount of content and how it is presented. There is so much packed in each Bootcamp session! No PowerPoint slides, or PDFs, just content and hands-on exercises in Figma and everything else we need in Notion. Best investment you will make in a while! So much value not just on the Bootcamps, but in being part of the Memorisely community."
Product Designer · 🇿🇦
"Intense learning which has helped me to learn about how to get the most out of Figma. I enjoy Zander's deliver of the content and that the sessions are live learn-by-doing"
Product Designer · 🇿🇦
"It's been a great experience having someone that can provide insights into building a design system. There is a lot of info online and in books, but having someone walk through it and answer questions provides a lot more value and help to improving as a designer."
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"The course was very hands-on and I was able to learn a lot about all the construction stages. Zander explained the theory and gave activities that clarified the stages of the design process. The mixed dynamics of theory and practice of the course made me build a design system very easily. I highly recommend Memorisely Remote Bootcamps."
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"I'm the only product designer at the company where I work, I'm early in my career and don't have a mentor so I have been seeking outside guidance, and this has been great! I attempted to create a design system on my own before this class but it has been so helpful to have someone walk me through their process."
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
"Thanks to Zander for opening my eyes and thoughts regarding how we can build a scalable and robust design system. I would highly recommend and simply say "Go for it" It's worth both time and money."
Our UX/UI community

Click and collab with 10,000+ friendly UX/UI Designers

At the heart of Memorisely is our friendly UX/UI tribe of 10,000+ UX/UI designers around the world who come together everyday to learn from each other.
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Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"What separates Memorisely for me is that it’s truly an invested community. People are constantly asking questions, sharing resources, and giving feedback without a sense of “what’s in it for me.” The content Zander creates is excellent, but the community he’s fostered is the real gold. It’s made me feel that I can travel just about anywhere now and link up with a Memorisely designer for a cold beer and a genuine conversation."
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"Memorisely is the best UX/UI design community. In here, I can find useful design resources and other designers here would always help each other whenever you have questions or ask for feedbacks.The most important thing is that, viewing these questions and discussions can fit so many of design knowledge gaps, which I can't find answers for from any other places"
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"Memorisely is an awesome community of designers striving to be the best they can and bring 10/10 design to everyone, everywhere"
Product Designer · 🇪🇸
"I've never ended a design book as fast as I did being part of the Book Club. It's a great way keep motivated and share your thoughts so you can get more points of views of the topic. Also, as I struggle a little with English thanks to the Book Club comments I can understand better the ideas in the book 😀"
Product Designer · 🇦🇺
"Memorisely is a super encouraging, friendly group of designers at all stages of their UX journey. There is something to learn from everyone and we are powered along by the enthusiasm and technical nous of Zander!"
Product Designer · 🇷🇼
"If you’re looking for an active community of designers, Memorisely is for you. With memorisely, I get useful resources, I read with friends, I network with people in my tribe. Fun fact: If you post a message in any of the memorisely slack channels asking for Ui/Ux related help, you are guaranteed to get an answer from someone in less than 10minutes"
Product Designer · 🇮🇳
"Memorisely is a diverse design community with wickedly talented people driven by the infectious energy of Zander. It’s a great source of inspiration where anyone can improve their skills. I'm happy to be a part of this friendly tribe"
Product Designer · 🇺🇸
"Memorisely has been so inspiring to watch from the start. With a mission to teach and empower a global community of UX and UI designers, Memorisely seems like one of the few platforms or tribes to stay honest to its vision. You really feel like you’re part of a movement through it’s several collaboration channels. And it’s clear that Zander’s commitment and energy is a big reason why Memorisely has felt like such an organic and holistic approach to design pedagogy."
Product Designer · 🇬🇧
"Love the vibe of Memorisley as I see it as a little oasis 🏝 in what can be a pretty overwhelming and hectic world of product design!"
Our Story

Memorisely is an accessible way to learn UX/UI online

We're doing things a little different, without VC money and with an awesome UX/UI community in over 91 countries. Memorisely is an accessible way to learn UX/UI online with designers around the world.
Zander Whitehurst
Founder of Memorisely
"Let's face it, learning UX/UI has never been accessible or affordable. For the last decade, courses have cost on average $15,000 and have been taught from classrooms in the priciest cities in the world. We're doing things a little different, without VC money, and with an awesome community in 91 countries around the world! Our goal is to make learning UX/UI accessible for anyone.

With Memorisely, you're not paying thousands of dollars extra because we rented a classroom in a prime city location. We connect you with 15 designers around the world and teach you live wherever you are with the latest real-time design tools."
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Our Values

What makes Memorisely different

We're not driven by money or interested in becoming a mystical unicorn. We happily cut through the noise and teach designers personally, taking a 100% learn-by-doing approach with a zero powerpoint policy.

Community first

Our community have supported us since day one and they mean everything to us. Everyday we foster inclusivity.

Always authentic

We hate shady marketing and believe raw authenticity and transparency is the key to any conversation or way of teaching.

Celebrate diversity

We listen and learn from our diverse community. It's the diversity of our community that makes Memorisely magic.

Stay sustainable

We're great believers in emitting positive energy and being a kind human goes a huge way.

Positive energy

We're great believers in emitting positive energy and being a kind human goes a huge way.
Waves before web
If the swell is good, drop everything and surf. Being remote, we encourage our team and tribe to grab time away from the screen.
Teach Live
Given the speed our industry moves, we're championing teaching live to ensure everything we teach is inline with the latest release
We're a team who teach and learn-by-doing. We prefer to fail fast than plan and never achieve anything.

Ready to become a UX/UI designer?

As you'll have gathered, we're open and honest and would love to have you join our next Bootcamp!
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