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Conferences & summits you won’t want to miss in 2023

Conferences and summits are an excellent way to keep abreast of trends in design

UX/UI Design
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Do you like learning? And networking? How about learning and networking within the same context? If you’re like me, then conferences and summits are an excellent way to keep abreast of the trends in design as well as what’s coming up. We’re going to round up the best virtual, in-person and hybrid conferences to look forward to in 2023.

Hybrid: In-person and Online

UX New Zealand

Curated talks and informative workshops that appeal to everyone from service designers to marketers, UX writers and user researchers

Date: 15th - 17th February

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Pricing: 175 NZD (virtual) and 790 NZD (in-person)

Website: https://www.uxnewzealand.com/

Interaction 23: Redesign the undefined

A call to rethink the decision-making processes that drive the design of technology.

Date: 25th February - 3rd March

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Pricing: from $175 (student online) and $500 (regular online)

Website: https://interaction23.ixda.org/

SXSW: Expanding the boundaries of experience

An opportunity for the global community of creatives to encounter cutting-edge ideas, discover new interests and network with other professionals with a similar appetite for forward-focused experiences.

Date: 6th - 9th March

Location: Austin, USA

Pricing: from $89 (recordings and live streamed events) or $595 (education badge)

Website: https://www.sxsw.com/conference/

Design Research 2023

Explore the breadth of design research that helps with understanding, shaping and addressing systemic and societal challenges such as climate change and inequality.

Date: 14th - 16th March

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Pricing: from A$345 (workshops), A$550 (virtual) and from A$650 (early bird in-person)

Website: https://uxaustralia.com.au/conferences/design-research-2023

UX Copenhagen: Invisibility

Denmark’s most inspirational human experience conference, covering subjects like user experience, content, strategy, and research under a new theme for each year.

Date: 23rd - 24th March

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Pricing: from $175 (student online) and $500 (regular online)

Website: https://uxcopenhagen.com/

Smashing conference: Cutting edge front-ends

This web conference in San Francisco features interactive sessions, case studies and a dash of Next.js, Accessibility and TypeScript.

Date: 23rd - 26th May

Location: San Fransisco, USA

Pricing: $200 (virtual) and from $549 (early bird)

Website: https://smashingconf.com/sf-2023

Design matters: Made by designers for designers

A place to gather together with designers and activists to share ideas and discuss experiences.

Date: 27th - 28th September

Location: Copenhagen

Pricing: from $215 / €200/ 1,500DKK (early bird live stream) and from $715 / €740/ 5,500DKK (early bird in-person)

Website: https://designmatters.io/tickets/

UXDX APAC 2023: Build the right product faster, together

Learn the latest Product, UX, Design and Dev practices, increase your T-shaped skills and discover the techniques companies are using to empower teams to deliver

Date: 14th - 16th November

Location: TBC

Pricing: TBC

Website: https://uxdx.com/apac/2023/


Leading Design 2023

Join a community of design leaders for two days of inspiration, learning and connection.

Date: 7th - 8th February

Location: San Frans, USA

Pricing: $395 (recordings only) to $1,795 (2-day pass)

Website: https://leadingdesign.com/conferences/sanfran-2023

Outcome: Product management, UX design and Content Strategy Conference

Outcome is for product-minded UX and design practitioners, content strategists, content designers, and early career product leaders.

Date: 10th April - 11th February

Location: Chandigarh, India

Pricing: $150

Website: https://www.outcomeconf.com/

Experience design 2023: Expanding the boundaries of experience

The number 1 event for Customer experience (CX), User experience (UX) and design professionals.

Date: 27th February - 1st March

Location: Denver, USA

Pricing: from $2,399 (2-day pass) to $3,099 (3-day pass)

Website: https://www.designinnovationglobal.com/events-experience-design

Offf: Made for the curious

OFFF Barcelona hosts innovative and international talents to share their insightful experiences.

Date: 23rd - 25th March

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Pricing: €281.88 + VAT

Website: https://www.offf.barcelona/

UX days Tokyo 2023: Thinking

Humans, not machines, make our future. Let’s change the human mind.

Date: 31st March - 2nd April

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Pricing: 49,800 yen (discounts available)

Website: https://2020.uxdaystokyo.com/en/

UX Strat APAC: Design strategy and innovation

UX STRAT APAC is a unique conference curated specifically for research, design, product, and data science professionals in the APAC region, highlighting the latest methodologies and trends in product design strategy and innovation.

Date: 20th - 21st April

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Pricing: from $595 (early bird)

Website: https://uxstrat.com/asia/

Confab 2023: The content strategy conference

Join smart, curious folks from around the world who care about making content more useful and usable for all.

Date: 30th April - 3rd May

Location: Minneapolis, USA

Pricing: $695 (recordings only) to $2,695 (4-day pass)

Website: https://www.confabevents.com/

UX Strat Europe: Design strategy and innovation

UX STRAT Europe is a unique conference curated specifically for research, design, product, and data science professionals in European countries, highlighting the latest methodologies and trends in product design strategy and innovation.

Date: 5th June

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pricing: €719.95 (Workshops only) and from €1,203.95 (early bird) - both including VAT

Website: https://uxstrat.com/europe/

By design conference: For designers, entrepreneurs and creative minds

It’s time to rethink your creative process. Time to gain new points of view, new knowledge, and new collaborations and connections! Come meet the unexpected.

Date: 10th June

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Pricing: TBC

Website: https://bydesignconf.com/


UX/UI Design Bootcamp

12 weeks · part-time

Spend 12 weeks learning live from industry experts in a micro class. Learn-by-doing with practical case studies and publish your portfolio! 

Pixel Pioneers: Practical and inspiring front-end and UX/UI

An affordable one-day conference of practical and inspiring front-end and UX/UI design talks, featuring eight world-class speakers.

Date: 16th June

Location: Bristol, UK

Pricing: £60 (student) and from £119 (early bird)

Website: https://pixelpioneers.co/events/bristol-2023

UXPA International 2023: Bringing the UX community together

Date: 20th - 22nd June

Location: Austin, USA

Pricing: from $375 (early-bird single-day student) and $1,750 (early bird main conference non-member)

Website: https://uxpa2023.org/

Product at heart: For curious product people

Up to three great days of inspirational content and opportunities to exchange with like-minded product people.

Date: 28th - 30th June

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Pricing: from €699

Website: https://productatheart.com/

UX Strat USA: Design strategy and innovation

UX STRAT brings together experienced design and product professionals from around the world to share methodologies, innovations, and tools focused on strategic design and innovation.

Date: 11th - 13th September

Location: Boulder, USA

Pricing: TBC

Website: https://www.uxstrat.com/usa/

Service Design in Gov

The original international community event for anyone involved in designing and commissioning public services.

Date: 20th - 22nd September

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Pricing: TBC

Website: https://govservicedesign.net/

World Usability Congress

4-track conference featuring UX strategy, design leadership, UX research and master classes ranging from content design to inclusion.

Date: 10th - 12th October

Location: Graz, Austria

Pricing: from €504 (Day ticket)

Website: https://worldusabilitycongress.com/conference/

AIGA design conference

Prepare to get inspired and re-energised while learning in the community from designers at the cutting edge of today's hot topics.

Date: 12th - 14th October

Location: New York, USA

Pricing: from $199 (super early rate student) and $1299 (non-member)

Website: https://www.aiga.org/design/aiga-design-conference

Button conf: The content design conference

Date: 16th - 19th October

Location: Portland, USA

Pricing: from $895 (early bird 1-day pass)

Website: https://www.buttonconf.com/

Y Oslo: Get better at building products and services

Managers, designers, UXers, technologists, content designers and product owners (aka YOU) will get the tools to build better products and services.

Date: 18th - 20th October

Location: Oslo, Norway

Pricing: TBC

Website: https://www.y-oslo.com/

Push UX 2023

Run by an engaged group of practising designers who care about the advancement of the digital field. Expect to breathe, talk and touch design.

Date: 19th - 20th October

Location: Munich, Germany

Pricing: €199 (student) and €399 (regular)

Website: https://push-conference.com/ux-2023/

UX Brighton 2023: UX and innovation

Gather with people from product management, UX, research and design to learn new approaches and glean fresh insights that will bring solid benefits to you, your colleagues and your clients.

Date: 3rd November

Location: Brighton, UK

Pricing: £65 (student) and from £140 (super early bird)

Website: https://uxbri.org/2023/

Web Summit

At a time of great uncertainty for many industries and, indeed, the world itself, we gather policymakers, heads of state, and the founders and CEOs of technology companies and fast-growing startups, to ask a simple question: Where to next?

Date: 13th - 16th November

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Pricing: TBC

Website: https://websummit.com/

Online only

CX | UX | MR 2023

Explore new ways that break down research silos to deliver greater customer understanding. Hear how a new insight approach can accelerate the journey towards customer centricity at CX/UX/MR Conference 2023.

Date: 2nd February

Pricing: £199 + VAT

Website: https://www.mrs.org.uk/event/conferences/cx-ux-mr-conference-2023

UX360: Research Summit

Implementing successful UX strategies has proven to deliver ROI for businesses. UX360 will cater to this trend and offer a unique platform for UX specialists around the world.

Date: 15th - 16th February

Pricing: $299

Website: https://www.ux360summit.com/

axe-con: Designing accessible experiences

Axe-con is the world’s largest digital accessibility conference that welcomes developers, designers, business users, and accessibility professionals of all experience levels to an accessibility conference focused on building, testing, and maintaining accessible digital experiences.

Date: 14th - 16th March

Pricing: free

Website: https://www.deque.com/axe-con/