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Spookiest Things to Say to a Product Designer

"Pop" is an enigmatic term that clients often toss around, much like a mysterious incantation

UX/UI Design
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Halloween is just around the corner, and while most folks are busy planning their costumes and haunted house visits, designers have their own set of bone-chilling fears. These fears aren't the usual witches, ghouls, or haunted houses; they are the terrifying phrases that can send shivers down the spine of any product designer. So, grab your pumpkin-spiced latte and brace yourself as we explore the spookiest things you can say to a product designer this Halloween.

"We Need This by Tomorrow"

Deadlines that creep up like ghosts in the night are every designer's nightmare. Imagine this: you're peacefully designing, and suddenly, you're hit with a request for something due yesterday. It's enough to make any designer start chanting, "Double, double toil and trouble!" as they scramble to work their magic and brew up a design potion in record time. In such moments, designers often feel like they need a time-turner, a dash of wizardry, and a pinch of luck to meet such hair-raising deadlines.

"Can We Make the Logo Bigger?"

The age-old request to enlarge the logo is akin to a jump scare in a horror movie. You've meticulously crafted a balanced design, but suddenly, the client insists on making the logo more prominent. It's like that shocking moment when something jumps out at you in a dark corridor. Designers know that increasing the logo size without careful consideration might haunt the entire layout, throwing off the delicate equilibrium of the design, and they must tread carefully through this haunted house of logo enlargement.


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"I Think It Needs More Pop"

"Pop" is an enigmatic term that clients often toss around, much like a mysterious incantation. It's so vague that designers might as well be conjuring spells to summon the elusive "pop." When a client requests more "pop," it's as though they're asking for a touch of magic to transform the design, yet they don't quite know what form that magic should take. Designers must channel their inner wizards and witches to interpret this cryptic request and deliver a design that dazzles without turning into a design sorcery show.

"We Don't Need to Do UX Research; We Know Our Users"

This statement, although not as directly spooky as the others, can send chills down a designer's spine. It's like walking into a pitch-black room where you're told there's nothing to be afraid of. Designers understand that user experience research is the flashlight in the dark forest of design, guiding them to understand the unique needs and behaviours of users. Ignoring this step is akin to wandering through a haunted house with no idea what's around the corner. In the end, the bravest designers will attempt to shed light on the matter, explaining the importance of research for a user-friendly outcome.

As Halloween approaches, remember that for designers, the real horror isn't found in haunted houses or ghost stories; it's often lurking in the design briefs and client requests. While the phrases mentioned may not be as spooky as witches' brews or ghostly apparitions, they can send a chill down any designer's spine. So, this Halloween, be kind to your friendly neighbourhood designer and spare them from these hair-raising phrases. Happy Halloween, and may your design projects be free of any ghostly surprises!