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Good Vibes · 150+ Countries

From day one we've put community first and as a Memorisely Advocate you'll continue connecting our community online and in person

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Give back and bring people together

Memorisely Community Advocates are at the heart of our global community in 150+ countries. As an advocate with Memorisely you'll share good vibes online and offline at local meetups.

Memorisely Advocate

Ways to be a Community Advocate

The goals of our community is to connect people and share good vibes. As a Community Advocate with Memorisely you'll moderate our community channel and lead a local group, co-ordinating in person events to bring likeminded folks together

Advocate Roles

Memorisely Moderator

Moderate and help run our community slack

Our online community means everything and as a moderator you'll welcome new folks, connect members, and start wicked conversations

Memorisely Local Lead

Connect folks locally and coordinate local meetups

As a Memorisely Local Lead you'll be focused on creating good vibes in your local city. Coordinate meetups and represent your country for Memorisely.

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Good vibes

Share your passion and good vibes

Our Community Advocates are passionate Product Designers, Developers, and Product Managers who happily connect others and share good vibes.

A typical week as a Community Advocate


Motivation Monday! 


Motivate our members on a Monday with a positive message in Slack


Tech Tuesday


Introduce a hot tech topic for your local community to discuss in slack


Wellness Wednesday

Away from your desk

Set the example for members by grabbing time away from your desk


Vibe for 5 Thursdays

Slack & Zoom

Encourage members to connect and make new friends in 5 minutes


Happy Vibeday!


Celebrate the end of another week and share what weekend plans you have


Being a Community Advocate

Being a Community Advocate comes with a lotta fun perks

150+ countries

Share your love of Memorisely, design or development and thrive in amplifying the voices within our Community, helping folks worldwide grow professionally and personally!

Friendly community

We’re proud to have the friendliest Community on the planet, and we’d love you to help us emit and spread those positive vibes with others!

Host meet-ups

Engage with our Memorisely team, learn Memorisely updates, ideate with us and get opportunities to participate in events and in-person host events in your city.


Help us keep our collaborative Community culture and share in our values!  It’s the diversity of our Community that makes Memorisely magic!

Quarterly catchups

Meet quarterly with all our Community Advocates from around the world to share wins, chat about ideas & chat about what’s coming next.


Every quarter we're exploring new merch and as a Community Advocate you'll be first to have Mem merch posted to your door


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We're on a mission to make learning accessible & enjoyable for all.

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Got a question about being an Advocate?

Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. We encourage our students to ask questions directly and you can arrange a quick call with us anytime.

What is a Mem Advocate

As a community advocate, you’ll share our memorisely values and have a passion for helping folks grow and learn together! By moderating and engaging members within slack, you’ll help us by making the Community the best it can be. You’ll also have the opportunity to form local mem groups in your city and host IRL events!

How does Memorisely help Advocates in there role?

You’ll be onboarded into your new role with a group of like-minded folk and will get help to set up your local Mem-group!  All our Mem-Advocates will be invited into a Slack channel to share ideas, tips and tricks to engage the Community, plus quarterly meetings with all Community Advocates to share wins & chat about what’s coming next.

What is the application process?

After you fill out the application form, we will reach out via email. As part of the application, you’ll be asked to send us a short video, and you’ll meet with our team so we can get to know you more!

What are the qualities/criteria you look for in a Mem Advocate?

Firstly, you love Memorisely and are passionate about helping your community thrive, grow and learn. Believe that authenticity and transparency is the key to any conversation and connections. You’re committed to keeping your local Community active by hosting meetups! Give positive energy! Being a kind human goes a huge way. We’re proud to have the friendliest UX/UI community and want you to be a part of that!